Making Progress

I had plans of posting not only a photo of one finished vest front – yes I have done all the quilting on one, but also the Table Runner Elise designed on EQ6 on Boxing Day which I promptly had to make…vbg….but I forgot to take a photo of the vest and only took one of the Table Runner and as the camera and computer are having difficulty communicating at the moment – you will have to wait for the vest.

One vest front is done and I must admit that using Edmar threads for the quilting was the right choice. The sheen and colours just look amazing and they are so easy to sew with – providing you use a large needle to make it easy to pull the thread through the layers of fabric.

I’m now working on the back and it’s coming along quite nicely. I will admit to trying on a couple of dresses while down the street this morning – but I couldn’t imagine them working with the vest, let alone seeing how they didn’t work with my shape….ewwww….so they remained in the shop. I think I will end up sticking with vest, T-shirt and black slacks – but that could change so don’t hold your breath.

I have organised my Party Book today- which basically means making detailed lists of everything I have to do, food to buy and salads etc to make. Without my lists I would be lost – even though my family think I’m nuts – if it prevents me stressing I’ll do it…vbg. A friend is going to make me up a couple of platters of nibblies for the party which will be wonderful as she is soooo much better than I am at it. The children and Mum are off down the street tomorrow for the kids to do some present shopping (and they won’t tell me what they are thinking of getting me) plus they are organising the Birthday Cake. I’m shaking at the knees at what it might look like – but I know it will taste good – Chocolate Mud Cake……Yumm.

Elise – with nothing to do Boxing Day – personally I was all for catching up on sleep but that didn’t happen – spent a fair amount of the day playing around on my computer fiddling with EQ6. She actually does better than I do and I have read the instructions…sigh. She came up with the design for a table runner but ignored all my hints that she could make it herself – so instead I had the pleasure. Now there were no instructions, all Elise did was pick the colours on the computer and then fabric out of my stash – I had the fun/chore of working out strip sizes and cutting and sewing it all.

I must admit to thinking when she choose the fabric – these won’t work!! Ohhh me of little faith. They work brilliantly. The greenish strips are actually pale yellow, the black floral is really brown floral – pink is definatley pink (an op shop find) and the purple is from my hand dyed stash. Sorry I should have “fixed” the photo somewhat before posting it but just getting the camera to upload to the computer is a major achievement today. So now the table runner is quilted and bound – and I was good and got it all done within two days – no ufo’s for me – Elise is going to put it away as a start to her Glory Box.

Did you have a Glory Box? I had one – actually I had a room full of stuff – doileys, sheets, towels, place mats, glassware – you name it I had it – apart from saucepans and blankets for some reason. All those bits and pieces that everyone said I was mad making and buying before I was married came in so handy when Ashley and I set up our first home. No doubt he couldn’t have cared less if there were doileys under a photo, or pretty towels hanging in the bathroom – but I did. It was my first home and the first time I had lived with someone else apart from my parents – so they bought a measure of comfort and order to a world that had changed with my marriage. Now they are items that bring back so many memories – espeically the doileys my Grandmother crocheted.

Now having achieved a blog post – with photo – I think I will toddle off and do some more quilting. I hope your day has been or is going to be a good one.


3 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. The table runner looks fantastic. You and Elise will have so much fun working and patchworking together – no doubt there will be a few ructions, too, but that’s the nature of a mother/daughter relationship, isn’t it?

    Thank you so much, Catherine, for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely day, indeed.

    I hope you and all the family have a wonderful 2008.

  2. The table runner is lovely Elise did a good job picking out the colours. You’re lucky that you have children that take an interest in what you do and appreciate it, mine could care less.

  3. Fantastic job with the table runner girls, you make a great team.
    I look forward to seeing it in real life.

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