My Little Sis Arrives Today

Fast post cause I should be having breakfast, racing around madly cleaning house then whipping down the street to do the groceries – getting the picture of my day yet….lol.

Yvonne rang last night and they are in Port Pirie in South Australia and will be here sometime this afternoon. Probably early afternoon as they seem to get up at day break which is not civilisied as far as I’m concerned….vbg.

The house is semi clean, freezers are fully loaded with all sorts of goodies ready for Christmas. Kids are hyper excited at the thought of meeting their cousins – Nicola and James have only seen Benita and Sandie once and that was years ago and their memories are hazy at best. I’m in a state of nervous anticipation – which is really silly cause she is my sister – but you know what it’s like when you haven’t seen someone for years. All the phone calls and emails don’t really cut it when it’s family after a while.

Ohh the new fridge, freezer and dishwasher arrived the other day – as organised. Just a pity that we forgot to measure if the fridge door would open once it was in the pantry. It did – but not fully which meant what should have been an hours job putting in new appliances – ended up being a three hour renovation in moving the cupboard (that was originally from the pantry) back into the pantry so the fridges could sit where that cupboard was. Arrrrrr. The dishwasher is magnificant – well anything that didn’t leak has to be….lol – however Ashley had to build it in (as part of the renovation) cause the other dishwasher was free standing – this one wasn’t and we forgot that part too. I think we were a little high on the thought of buying new appliances and forgot the practicalities – which is very unusual for us.

Never mind – my kitchen now looks complete. I have a shopping list a mile long of delicious food to buy. There is a menu on my fridge that is to die for for Christmas lunch and dinner. My family are arriving today and tomorrow is the last day of school for Nicola and James. I am half way through the next set of nine patches for the mystery quilt I am working on which is further than I thought I might be – and shock, horror, I’m enjoying putting the little devils together.

I think I might need a quiet lie down this afternoon just to catch up on it all and to reflect on how good life is at the moment.

I hope your day is a good one.

****Update – Yvonne, John, Benita and Sandie arrived safely at approx 4.30 pm.  It was a very, very long trip and I think they are looking forward to sitting down on something that doesn’t move for quite some time…vbg.  Acutally I think the dog is even more relieved.  Poor little Max is sick to death of his dog cage and all the travelling and I think it would take super human strength to get him back into the car again.


One thought on “My Little Sis Arrives Today

  1. Hope your visit is a good one with your sister and her family and the kids all get along. Wishing you lots of energy to cope and have fun.


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