I’ve been cleaning

Yes I know a really exciting post – not, but unfortuately a necessary evil in this household.  Especially today.  I am getting a new fridge and freezer (pigeon pair) and a new dishwasher so a major clean was needed where those appliances normally sit.

We have been discussing a new fridge for some time.  The one we bought a few years ago really isn’t big enough and I’m sick of stacking things on top of each other in an effort to get it all in.  There was no way the fridge or this  frazzled little housewife was going to cope with all the food during the Christmas period.  So Saturday Ashley and I went shopping – only to buy a new fridge and freezer you understand – nothing else or so Ashley informed me.

When we had chosen the fridge I was told to look for a new dishwasher too.  Yipee!!!!  Found one – possibly the most expensive in the store – but it comes highly recommended as the salesman and most of the staff there have them and say they are brilliant.  Just in time too as my old dishwasher was leaking water out through the handle the other day.

Would I get a new stove too???  Well nearly except the model I wanted was sold and they didn’t have another in stock so I guess that will be put on the list for next year sometime.  I admit I nearly fell through the floor in shock when Ashley said I could get a stove too – I made darn sure though they weren’t my Christmas presents.  I regard items like that as my “tools” just as he has drills, hammers etc to make his work easier, modern, efficent appliances make my life easier.

So today – in between running bits and pieces to Ashley on a job 15 mins out of town, generally trying to get the house sorted, checking the op shops for more shirts for my mystery quilt (found five more in  colours I wanted/needed), I have scrubbed and cleaned the areas where the new appliances are to go and now I’m organsied.

Right off to pick up children from school then to wait impatiently for the delivery men who have promised they will be here around 4.30 pm.  I hope your day is as good as mine.


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