Mystery Quilt

Bonnie at Quiltville’s Quilts and Snips has been tantalising her readers with photos of her latest quilt project – made from mens shirts of which she has a fairly respectable stash of courtesy of her local thrift store. Bonnie has decided to make the quilt at mystery quilt for those who wish to join in. Well of course I had to join in the fun. The lure of those little rail fence blocks were too much for me – that and the fact that many of Bonnie’s quilts are made from scraps and this was an ideal opportunity for me to make a dent in my stash.

Choosing the colors was easy. Blue was by far the biggest pile and also had probably the most fabrics in it that I really didn’t love, but tolerated, so it needed some serious reduction. To spice it up and add some zing – and because I had heaps of it – I have added pink. Mainly hand dyed pink in fushia and hot pink,but also some paler pinks.

A steady, non interrupted two hours of sewing this afternoon saw me with a nice pile of 100 rail fence blocks all pinned together in groups of 10 – just to make them easy to count…vbg. They were so much fun to make I must admit and some fairly mindless straight sewing was a pleasant change after the busy week we had had.

You can find the mystery quilt instructions here. Each time Bonnie adds a new set of instructions they will added to this page. As she is also in the middle of moving house there may be some time between posts – but don’t let that put you off.

To be honest I’m surprised just how enthusiastic I am about this mystery quilt. Normally I check them out on the net, read all the instructions, get to the end and decide I don’t like the quilt. This time is different. Maybe because I have made a few of Bonnie’s quilts from her wonderful free patterns (check out her sidebar) including the Weed Whacker Quilt and the more recent (and just loaded onto the gammill) Out on a String Quilt (photos of that one as soon as it’s quilted). I also have to say there isn’t one of Bonnie’s quilts that I have not liked – which is unusual for me as generally I only like a few of what a quilter has made. Maybe it’s Bonnie’s style that appeals or maybe it’s just she has that knack for simple but incredibly effective design. Either way I’m very excited about this and can’t wait for the next set of instructions.

I will keep you updated on my progress.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt

  1. I think like you about Bonnie. I love all the quilts she made, and i will not be disapointed with a mystery quilt.
    I find your blog today and i like it very much!
    Bravo and hugs
    Béatrice from France

  2. Yay! Another quilter working on Bonnie’s mystery. I discovered your wonderful blog through the yahoo group Bonnie started for this project. I’ll be back for “visits”. Can’t wait to see how your quilt progresses.

  3. Well done Catherine. I am still procrastinating about the colours. I really need to stop doing that as it always stops me from getting things done.
    Its great how much Bonnie seems to achieve and boy do I only wish I could be so quick and motivated. Hugs, Khris

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