Busy, Busy, Busy!

I don’t want an extra 24 hours in my day – I just want the day/week/month to stop.  I know I sound like I’m whineing – well maybe I am – yes darn it I am complaining  – I just want my nice quiet semi boring life back.  You know the one – where the sum excitement of the day is hanging jocks and socks on the line, cleaning bathrooms and toilets and maybe pottering in my sewing room.  I’m seriously over this madcap lifestyle we seem to be living at the moment.

An example of my week is….

Thursday (I will start there because quite frankly I can’t remember anything before that) Ashley and I drove to Mathoura (half way between Echuca and Deniliquin – about 2 1/2 hours drive) to work on a house he had to finish for the local transportable home company that is our main client.  From there we drove another three hours to Albury to drop off Ashley’s buggy that he has sold all so he can buy a new race car which is in Adelaide – five hours away from home in the opposite direction.  We haven’t gone there yet – that’s still in the pipeline.  Albury is five hours drive from home and we finally got home around 9 pm – after a 5.30 am start that morning.

Friday Elise had the day off school and was lumbered with all the housework so I could go to work with Ashley for the morning.  Can I just say that kneeling on a hot corrigated iron roof with the sun beating down on you is not pleasant – nor was the humidity we were working in just to install an airconditioner.  The highlight of the morning was putting in a new stove for a lady who will be turning 98 on Christmas Day.  She was delightful.  She still does her own cooking and is determined not to have meals on wheels as that is for “old” people….vbg.  It turned out her daughter went to school with Ashley’s Dad and Aunt many, many years ago.

Saturday Ashley worked – yes the silly season has started not to mention fruit picking season and of course everything that the blockies (fruit growers) thought was working fine just has to break down and of course it has to be the hottest day possible for everything to come to a grinding halt.  We did receive a lovely box of fresh nectarines and peaches though from a very grateful client.

I finished another quilt top (photos as soon as I find the camera) and cleaned my sewing room – quite a bit…lol.  All with the aim in mind of creating more room so my sister Yvonne and I can have some sewing time together – which I am really looking forward to – I just hope we do have time after all this.  There are plans afoot today to cut up the table I am currently using for a sewing table and remaking it into a more useable design and putting in some drawers (filing cabinets) so I can store more things/stuff/crap well away from Milly’s eyes as she has a particular liking for my pincushions.  If you have never seen a Red Heeler pull out the pins very carefully from a pincushion just so she can then chew on the pincushion in comfort – come on over I’ll put the kettle on and we will share a cuppa while we watch.

Ashley and I spent more time in the garden last night and I have managed to mulch another big section and hopefully, if it’s cool enough tonight, I will get more done.  The vegie garden is doing very well – should take more pictures there too.  The tomatoes have fruit on them – none ripe as yet but we may (crossing my fingers and toes) have ripe tomatoes for Christmas.  The Pumpkins are climbing their way to the top of the trellis Ashley made for me and baby pumpkins  are forming already.  We have been picking lettuce for weeks and I really must plant more.  Even the onions are plumping up nicely.  When peeling the potatoes some time ago I picked out some of the thicker pieces of skin that had eyes in them and popped them into the garden thinking they wouldn’t grow.  Well I couldn’t have been more wrong – lovely healthy plants that are hopefully forming masses of potatoes are growing and revelling in the heat.  I must remember to check them closer to Christmas and see if we can have some lovely baby potatoes for Christmas tea.

I had plans last night of putting up the Christmas tree but that might end up being tonights job along with getting organised for the week ahead. Mum’s calender is only just slightly more busy than mine this week and it will be interested to see who wears out first.

I hope your weekend is a good one and you received some of the promised rain.  Six drops was all we seemed to have although we have heard reports of neighboring towns receiving quite good falls.  The lightening was spectacular at least.


One thought on “Busy, Busy, Busy!

  1. You truly are insanely busy Catherine but we all know that 🙂

    It seems strange to hear of you baking in the sun and picking produce from your garden when in ten minutes I’ve got to go out and brush the snow from the car to try and make it in to church. I’m hoping the roads have been plowed and in decent shape.

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