Achieving Something

Considering it’s only Wednesday and the week has been frantic already I’m pleased to say I am actually achieving things.

Elise and I decided to make Goodie Bags to put on the table for Christmas instead of crackers or bon bons.  Honestly I hate those things – they cost a fortune, there is nothing but crap in them and I’ll be stuffed if I can get mine to “crack” when it’s pulled.  So we have opted for a far more personal and much more enjoyable option.

Sew Mama Sew has been having a month of gift ideas and there are heaps to choose from.  When browsing it the other day I found a link to some free Amy Butler patterns. If you haven’t seen any of Amy’s stylish patterns do have a look – she has a flair for design.  Click on the link and scroll down to the Lavender Eye Pillows – it’s a PDF file that is printable – so I did – print it that is….vbg.

I decided these eye pillows would be just the thing to add to our Goodie Bags.  I must admit I modified the pattern a little – well I did have ten to make and time was a bit short.  I just cut two 4 1/2 inch x 10 inch peices of fabric.  Sewed them together leaving a gap at one end.  To make sure they were secure and the filling wouldn’t come out – I top sewed around the edge when they were turned through and pressed. As much as I like Amy’s idea of a slip cover it just wasn’t in my time frame (or mind frame) to get that fancy – may be next time.

Each pillow was filled with two tablespoons of lavender – which I found in my cupboard and I think I harvested myself, half a cup of dried lentils and half a cup of rice.  A one kilo bag of lentils made ten pillows easily and I still have enough left over to make probably two more pillows.

Half a hour later all ten were filled and sewn.  They are now residing in their respective bags waiting to be used.

Ohh and to use them – place them in the freezer (wrapped in plastic) when needed pull them out – remove plastic – and place over eyes while lying down somewhere comfortable for a soothing (and drug free) relief of your headache.

Last night while waiting for a show to come on TV I finished this little UFO which I had sewn a couple of years ago.

I loved this red work pattern but then didn’t know what to do with it.  Fortunately, when increasing my stash, I had purchased a fat quarter in just the right shade and red.  Miracle of miracle – there was even ric rac to match which nicely blurred the boundary between the red work and the borders.  I used white ric rac around the edges to add a little more appeal. Lightly stuffed it is the first of the Christmas decorations to be hung.


2 thoughts on “Achieving Something

  1. I’m downloading the eye pillow now and your Redwork Ornie is delightful. Had you bought a kit you wouldn’t have matched it better. Love it.

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