The Moral of the Story Is…..

Mum came down to my house this morning just before I got home from shopping to have morning tea with me.  She had just had her carpets cleaned and was a bit restricted on where she could walk so my place was the next best option.  Mum has a key to my house – always handy in an emergency or if she suddenly needs something – so she let herself in and tucked the key into the waistband of her trousers.

By the time I had got home she had the kettle on, washing in the basket ready to be hung out, had made James’s bed and was then frantically searching for the key and looking rather worried.

“It will turn up:,  says Me, “have you checked your knickers?” (wickedly grinning at the thought)

“I’d feel it” says Mum.

Hmmm well that’s debatable but after further searching and no sign of the key I resolved to get the kids hunting for it when they came home tonight.

Mum was heading down the street next and took my keys to get another set cut.  Stopping at her house she had the necessary trip to the loo before heading off.  Guess what she found????

The Keys!!!!!!!!

Somehow (and there is no way I want to even think about how it happened) they had moved from the front waistband of her trousers to the back.  So mystery solved.  She is still getting another set cut – they will always be handy in case her set end up in places I really don’t want to think about.

So the Moral of the Story is – when you loose keys – go to the loo – you never know what you might find……vbg.

Thank goodness I have only one Mum who is incredibly clever and talented and such a strong woman that even if I end up half as good as her I will be content.

Just to show how clever she is I have to share this wall hanging she painted a couple of years back.

It was done using Folk Art Paints on a calico background and has been gracing my sewing room waiting for me to sew borders on it and quilt it.

Well never let it be said that I buy fabric and don’t use it….

…this teal green piece that I bought in Spotlight the other week when Elise and I went shopping was just perfect. I ended up just sewing in the ditch around the picture as it didn’t seem to need any more with the pattern that’s in the fabric.

See Mum I do get things done – they just need to sit on my “To Do” list for a while….lol.


2 thoughts on “The Moral of the Story Is…..

  1. My gosh your family are ALL talented. No wonder you held it for so long, with the excuse of not having the right material, I suppose.

    The teal IS perfect and your mum will be delighted with your result.

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