Stocking Eye Candy

I wish I had something to show you that I have made these past few days but there is nothing I’m afraid.  I have had so many days down the street and just generally running around that I have achieved very little and what I have achieved is not worth blogging – at least not yet at this stage.  The good news is my nails are repaired and so far looking good.  The nail technician doesn’t know why they peeled the way they did, but she did take extra care and apologised profusely for any inconvenience I had had which was nice.  I have had them shortened somewhat so now I can sew in comfort at least – always an important consideration…vbg.

So instead I will dazzle you with my sister Yvonne’s latest creation.  Yvonne was in a Christmas swap with her quilting group and made this for her swap partner.

It is modelled on her husbands cowboy boots and I think looks very effective.

The stitching is done with embroidery thread in backstitch. Yvonne scanned one of John’s boots then transferred the design to the fabric.  I really must remember that technique (not that Ashley has any cowboy boots) as it does look so simple but stylish.  Even the boot design is an original as I don’t think Yvonne could find a stocking pattern that shape.  Not to shabby for someone who really has only been quilting and sewing for a few years.
The really big news of the week is that Yvonne, John and the girls will be here in Swan Hill for Christmas this year – barring any floods, fires or other natural disasters. For the first time in over fifteen years my whole family will be able to spend Christmas together.  I’m not sure who is more excited – the children – both hers and mine, Mum or Me.  Ashley and John are pretty laid back about the whole deal……typical men.  Anyway I can’ t wait and neither can Yvonne.  It will take them four days to get here – they live in the middle of the Northern Territory.  It is an eight hour drive to Alice Springs, about the same to Cooper Pedy, another eight hours to Renmark then only about three and a half hours to here.  A really, really long trip.

Right off to try and achieve something. It is stinking hot with a north wind blowing and my garden is shrivelling before my eyes.  Elise and I are going to Bendigo tomorrow to shop (she has a day off school due to a teachers strike) – naturally some fabric is high on my list….lol and as it is supposed to be the only cool day for weeks – we are taking advantage of it.  Elise by the way needs clothes – lots of clothes she informs me.  Actually I would be happy with her just having a few things that fit and looks nice – so I suppose a compromise is in order.  I guess I may be able to sneak in a few things for me as well.


3 thoughts on “Stocking Eye Candy

  1. Glad your family is coming to visit you for Christmas, that is a long drive and your sister was very clever with her boot design be sure to tell her for me.

    Luck with the shopping trip 🙂

  2. I love this stocking! I had to do a second take as it looks just like the real thing. Tell your sis that she did a great job…
    PS Enjoy that big screen TV. I am jealous LOL

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