A Creative Weekend

 We all had a very creative weekend which has been rather nice.

Elise had her friend Belinda stay Friday night as they both went to Youth Group and they wanted to work on a project for Technology at school but needed Ashley’s help and tools to complete the job.  Unfortunately Ashley had to work most of Saturday so all four children and I went shopping Saturday morning.  James to buy Christmas presents, Nicola to buy a birthday present for a party she had to attend at lunch time and Elise and Belinda just cause it’s fun to wander the shops.  Even I managed some shopping and came home with two new tops which were marked down by 25% – bargain!

The girls were ready to wander down the shed Saturday afternoon when James yelled out he saw a snake (which we think was a four foot long brown) slither into the shed. Needless to say all kids were confined to the house until Ashley came home two hours later and did a search.  No trace of the snake, but everyone has been jumping at shadows ever since. So the girls didn’t get to work on their projects until Sunday – which meant lucky Belinda got to stay another night.

Saturday afternoon (in lieu of working on a Tech project due to the snake scare) saw Elise and Belinda in the sewing room making themselves a glasses case each for their sunglasses.  I was going to make them one each then decided it might be the prefect opportunity to introduce Belinda to the world of sewing and encourage Elise to try it again.

Belinda (the blond one) had never sewn before – let alone used a sewing machine so it was a steep learning curve.

This is the end result of Belinda’s hard work.  She was so pleased with herself and she did a really good job.

This is Elise’s Glasses case.  She has sewn before – even if it is a bit reluctantly – and decided to put her strips on the diagonal.  Both girls sewed the strips onto the batting as they went – creating that instant quilted look.  Yes the cases are large – both girls have over sized sunglasses as is the trend these days.

The next project the girls want to work on is a bag. I had bought a new craft magazine and there was a really pretty and simple tote bag pattern in it which both loved.  They have chosen the fabric and I will get everything cut, including the batting etc, ready for their next lesson – a bit like a pre cut kit.  I’m working one step at a time – sewing first, then we will move onto cutting and measuring etc.  For the moment I was them to experience the thrill of seeing something come together quickly – detailed stuff can come later when they are well and truly hooked…wicked grin.

Meanwhile Ashley came home and having hunted for the snake and convinced himself that it wasn’t there, decided to teach James how to weld!!!  I kid you not – I wandered out to see welding flash coming from the shed and walked in to see James’s – helmet on and looking very professional.  Next time I will get photos of him in action.

His creations, which I might add I have banned from the house as there seemed to be a lot of sharp angles to them…vbg.

This big construction James tells me is a Submarine.

I must remember to start dropping a lot of hints that I want some welded arty type structures to put in the garden – maybe James will oblige as Ashley is ignoring my hints……vbg.

Sunday the girls ventured down the shed to work with Ashley on their Tech projects and James and Nicola decided they wanted to make Glasses cases.

Note the super cool sunglasses which he/I bought on Saturday.  James did the sewing sitting on my knee working the foot pedal.  He had difficulty working both it and feed the fabric under the needle and I had visions of him sewing his finger to the  case.  He is soooooo proud of himself.

Out of all three of my children, Nicola is the one who has done the most sewing and you could see it the way she whipped up her glasses case.  You can just see the new sunglasses on her head too…vbg.

Even Ashley got into the swing of getting things done and washed my car and installed the hands free phone kit he had bought me.

I have to say by Sunday night we were all exhausted and ready for bed.


3 thoughts on “A Creative Weekend

  1. That was a budy weekend indeed! Good thing you can bring the kids to sewing, not for the sewing in itself, but for the creative part it brings.
    have a nice week.

  2. looks like it was reeally fun..and really busy…so cool to help with the sewing..those sunglasses cases are quite nice really…..i love the edged touch you have on that one Belinda made. Yes, arty welded things….what???? No submarines?????

    miss you

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