Answers to Random Thoughts For the Day

Trust my friend Sandie to answer all my questions from yesterday. I just had to post the answers here….vbg…(Sandie’s are in red if you couldn’t work that out…grin).

  • Why do my kids seem to fight more in the morning than at night? Because they all do it, mine included – they like trying to make your day worse, right from the start??? LOL
  • Why, when the house looks like a bomb hit it, do I not feel like cleaning it? Because you have been constantly on the go, cleaning after ALL of them and are totally exhausted from doing so. Get the whip out and crack some butts into gear. LOL LOL
  • Why, when I have so many UFO’s and projects in the pipeline, do I suddenly have a hankering to start a new quilt? Blue this time I think. If you find the answer to this, can you let me know – I have more UFO’s than finished projects!
  • Why, when we are in a terrible drought, do I want to plant up massive garden beds then run myself ragged trying to keep the water up to everything? Because you don’t want to see a planet with nothing left on it! Nature kicks in! LOL LOL LOL
  • Why is the first breath you take of fresh air in the early morning so much sweeter than any other time of day? Cause you don’t smoke, like I do …… PMSL
  • Why, when I have a hankering for fresh pavlova with whipped cream do I not feel like making it? Because it always tastes better if someone else makes it!
  • Why can’t I organise myself more – or at least find another 24 hours in each day? I’ve been trying to find the solution to this for many years …. I recently learnt in my psychology unit, that our actual day consists of 24 hours and 18 minutes – not 24 straight hours. Does this make you feel better??? 18 minutes is better than none, right?
  • Why is gardening after tea, in the cool of the evening, in peaceful solitude, so much more enjoyable than at any other time of day? Cause its an escape from the dishes bickering session of the kids ………. And let’s face it, gardens and flowers don’t argue – they relax us. Wonderful seeing the ‘fruits’ of rewards, flowers, vegies, etc
  • Why do vegetables I have grown myself taste so much better than the shop bought ones? Brought ones are placed in freezer compartments for months, they are injected with sh*t our systems don’t need ……

So there you have it. Next time I need answers to life’s little mysteries – I’ll just email Sandie.

Thanks also to Bunks and Faye Dianne and Bunks for helping to solve some of the mysteries of life too.  Anyone else?  At this rate we might solve all those little problems that have been bugging us for years like where does the missing sock go…….grin.

PS If there is an extra 18 minutes in every day how come I still can’t find it???


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