Random Thoughts For The Day

Just to thoroughly confuse you this early in the morning these thoughts popped into my head…..

  • Why do my kids seem to fight more in the morning than at night?
  • Why, when the house looks like a bomb hit it, do I not feel like cleaning it?
  • Why, when I have so many UFO’s and projects in the pipeline, do I suddenly have a hankering to start a new quilt?  Blue this time I think.
  • Why, when we are in a terrible drought, do I want to plant up massive garden beds then run myself ragged trying to keep the water up to everything?
  • Why is the first breath you take of fresh air in the early morning so much sweeter than any other time of day?
  • Why, when I have a hankering for fresh pavlova with whipped cream do I not feel like making it?
  • Why can’t I organise myself more – or at least find another 24 hours in each day?
  • Why is gardening after tea, in the cool of the evening, in peaceful solitude,  so much more enjoyable than at any other time of day?
  • Why do vegetables I have grown myself taste so much better than the shop bought ones?

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts For The Day

  1. Hey, Catherine, I can relate to all but one of your early morning ponderings… #6, I never get a hankering for fresh pavlova – don’t like it. But all the others, hmmmm Oh Yeah!!!
    cheers – Faye Dianne

  2. I can answer #2. It’s because you know it’s a never-ending task that has the ability to replicate itself instantaneously so what’s the point?

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