A Spot Of Gardening

As it was Melbourne Cup day today and therefore a public holiday I had all three children home.  James went to work with Ashley who is so snowed under he couldn’t take the day off even if he wanted to.  Elise and Nicola cleaned their rooms which resulted in Elise moving the bed and sundry other bits of furniture around,  the end result being I might actually be able to get in there and vaccum the floor occasionally.  When the girls finished that they baked – peanut butter biscuits and lamingtons which also had chocolate chips in them – apprently a recent fancy of Nicola’s….vbg.

Not being terribly interested in the cup – I don’t even know who won the race – I spent the morning mowing lawns, moving 10 bales of pea straw to various strategic locations around the garden ready to be spread as mulch and dumped about four Kanga sized loads (one Kanga load equals  approx. three wheelbarrow  loads) ready to start planting the next lot of plants – some Prince of Orange sweet peas and a climbing Devonensis rose, plus whatever else I can find to put there.  Ohh and I started filling the new compost bin Ashley helped me to construct on the weekend.

This afternoon I finished off a bag I was making as a gift and using the scraps made up five log cabin blocks which I am hoping to turn into a table runner of sorts.  Photos if it works…vbg.

Having a very kind friend drop off some really good poison for the garden (not something I enjoy using but on occasion very necessary unfortuantely) I spent an hour this evening killing off some persistant grass so I can start mulching those beds.  No matter how hard I try to smother this grass it will come back – I honestly think being covered in multiple layers of newspaper and then mulch is as good as a holiday for it.  Well hopefully this time I might have defeated it.

Now I’m off for a cuppa and to put my feet up for a while.  Peace and quiet tomorrow as they are all back at school and Ashley is at work.  I have decided not to shop tomorrow as has been my habit.  We won’t starve by putting off the groceries for one day and I feel a need for some quiet pottering on my own.

I hope your day was a good one.


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