House Warming Present

Brace Yourself I’m on a roll today.  Not only do I post twice, but I also finished this house warming present.

It is a plastic bag storer.  For those who haven’t seen one before – and I am I’m sure you all have as they were incredibly popular a few years ago – you stuff  your plastic grocery bags in the skirt through the hole in the bottom where the elastic will hold them until you need a bag.  It’s a great way to recycle those bags which would otherwise be thrown out and clog up land fill.

I have two of these.  A large one like this – where I put bigger bags, and a smaller one (which looks like a cat) for smaller plastic bags as there is nothing more annoying than pulling out half a dozen bags before finding one the size that you want.

So there is another present finished and I am so pleased with this little lady.  The apron is made using some of my hand dyed fabric with a beautiful piece of lace which was just the right size and width for the job. I even had ribbon the right colour for a change to tie in her “hair” and around the sleeves.  How’s that for lucky?

I have also made really good progress on the skirt bag there is only the handles to be added and I need Elise’s approval before I sew that on.  Photos soon.


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