Something For Me

I seem to have spent days, weeks even, making Christmas presents, mending things (well ok so I spent just a tiny amount of time on the mending) and generally doing all sorts of things for others and not lots for myself so today I made something just for me.

Just rereading that paragraph makes me feel incredibly selfish and guilty but like most Mum’s I do spend a lot more time on my family than on myself.  Even making quilts – which I enjoy – are mainly for the benefit of my family – and if I want to be honest to use up the stash so I can buy more stash……but shhhhh don’t tell Ashley….vbg.  To do make something that is frivolous and not really intended for a purpose however humble is something that I rarely find time to do lately.

So today I have made that frivolous item.

It is a bag I have been wanting to make for approximately two years – see it takes a long time sometimes for me to decide but once I do – stand back…vbg.  This side (sorry the photo is so lousy) I used a lace square, an ebay buy of some months ago, which I machine sewed down then embroidered with fly stitch and 4 mm silk ribbon the green leaves/stems.  The big shiny bit in the middle is a brooch I picked up at an op shop a couple of years ago. Each leaf on the brooch is covered in diamante and it’s really pretty and in fairly good nick.

The pattern is from “Handmade” Vol 21 No 7.  It was a Christmas issue and is probably a few years old but has some fantastic patterns and projects in it.

Sorry this photo is even worse.  I used a lace “swag” for want of a better term and hand sewed it down and added green beads in the middle of some flowers and pink in the middle of others.  They are not quite the right pink – but do look better than they do in this photo.

The inside is lined with cream homespun and the handles have cord in them to make them ruched.

So there you have it – my frivolous item.  A bag made with no particular purpose in mind (nor might I add does it match or even go with my clothes) but just made because it was calling me.


One thought on “Something For Me

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your talent Catherine, well done and hey it’s all right to pamper one’s self; however else do we keep our sanity?


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