My Nursery

Remember I said in yesterdays post how I wouldn’t be putting in anymore plants? Well I will have to put in just a few.

This is my nursery for my seedlings….

I am having lots of luck this year with starting off seedlings – providing I grow them in potting mix (not seed raising mix) AND I use bigger pots, not seedling trays.

Apricot Nastursiums (Right) and Prince of Orange Sweet Peas (left) and yes they are orange. I couldn’t resist them.

Lettuce Seedlings. I have no hope of getting any seeds to germinate in the garden – despite plenty of water and mulch. Too many hungry critters I think – plus I’m sure the climate has something to do with it. Carrots are the only success and that is buy sowing the seeds, mulching over the top, watering well then laying an old pillowcase over the seed bed and watering that as well. It seems to keep in the moisture long enough for the seeds to germinate. Pa used to use a hessian sack and always had success.

One tiny Picotee Cosmos. I am hoping more geminate as this variety is white with a pinkish/red strip through it and I want to plant it near my “old” red roses.

Remember this bulb? Does anyone know the name of it.

It’s developing seed pods and I would like to have a go at trying to grow them but need to search for propogation information. Any help would be appreciated.

An Addition – Thanks Karen and Sion for your thoughts.  It definately is NOT a Red Hot Poker.  They are much larger and have finer more strappy type leaves and I have them growing in the garden so at least I can identify them….vbg.  This is a bulb of some sort and the leaves are very broad and very, very shiny.  Back to the drawing board with searchig for it….will try a google search though.  Surely someone has seen it somewhere.

Ohh before I forget – we had rain.  Not lots but on top of watering last night the garden is looking very fresh – if you ignore the dead grass that is.   Right off to sew again.  Sponge cakes  are made (had to use up the eggs), washing is on the line and I’m in the mood to stitch.


4 thoughts on “My Nursery

  1. it looks a lot like a stubby red-hot poker, but the leaves are a bit odd. I wonder if it’s some sort of cultivar? Anyhow, I’d probably see if there’s a term for that style of flowerhead and google that. Or send the photo to one of the gardening sites.

  2. That was my first thought as well that it might be a variety of red-hot poker so I went online the last time you posted the picture trying to find out what it could be but no such luck.

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