I’ve Been Good

Well actually in the end I didn’t have a whole lot of choice. Remember that wog that Nicola had and the suspected food poisioning that Elise had? Well it turned out it was all part of the same bug and Ashley ended up with it too – fun – NOT!!! Both Ashley and Elise spent the entire weekend sleeping, drinking heaps but not eating much. They appear to be on the mend but neither are back at school or work – hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday. Nicola and James are fighting fit however and both went off to school happily this morning –  Guess who’s doing the happy dance!!

Everyone managed to share their bugs with me, however in the fine tradition of “Mum’s don’t get sick” I continued on with the washing and sewing and managed to get 30 “Mile a Minute” aka “Crumb Chaos” blocks made. They weren’t too bad but I think I might use them for backing rather than feature them as the “front” of a quilt if you know what I mean.  It was probably because I was sick that I didn’t enjoy them but they certainly used up the big pile of strips that were all odd sizes that I had been saving for goodness knows what.   Ohh and I did sew while I was sick – not because I was delirious but because if anyone asked me to get them anything I could make the machine go and little faster and pretend I couldn’t hear them.   Yeah I know I’m a horrible Mum – but they were well enough to fight over the TV remote, but not well enough to get themselves a drink/snack/toy that had dropped on the floor.

I told myself on Sunday that I wasn’t allowed to cut out the new quilt which I am itching to make until I had….

1.  Tidied the sewing room – big, big job.

2.  Fixed all the mending that has been sitting there for months/weeks – including sewing eyes back onto James toys where Milly had chewed them off (I embroidered them so now she may not be tempted)

3.  Work out a way to use the left over blocks from the bus quilt.

These are the leftover blocks from the bus quilt – which is waiting patiently to be quilted – photos when it’s done.  I had (as usual) miscalculated just how many blocks I would need for the big quilt and decided that these 10 would make a perfectly good table topper. I used some more of the random strips I had to make an extra border and think that is  finished at this point.  Mum certainly agrees – she said this morning that any more borders would over whelm it. What do you think?

I did get the sewing room tidied and found a heap more fabric (mainly hand dyes) that will go with the new quilt I want to make.  I also finished  most of the mending…..I’m resolutely ignoring the rest until inspiration hits me again.  Yes I know a bit naughty – but lets face it there is nothing exciting about mending rips in shirts – unless I was to patchwork them….hmmmmmm……but no Ashley would not approve I’m afraid.

I also mananged to scan in Maureen B’s final block which I worked on while we were away.  I hope you like it Maureen.  I’m not sure the photo shows just how dimensional it really is or how strong the colours are – but if you don’t like it then let me know and I will make another one for you. I keep thinking that maybe I should add something else, but not sure what  at this stage.

Sandie’s blocks came out from their hiding place where they had been living safely for some months and I sorted threads, ribbons and beads so I can now begin to work on them.

Right off to sort out washing. It is stinking hot and quite muggy outside, but no sign of rain unfortuantely.  My garden is drying up rapidly and any plans I had to putting in more plants has just about gone by the wayside.  Maintaining what I have is a full time job.

I hope your week is a good one.


5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Good

  1. OH MY I LOVE Maureen’s block and especially the Calla Lilies – beautiful!!! I also like the little quilt and would make a nice curtain for the bus or a table topper.

    Rose Anne

  2. I love the little bus quilt as well. I think the borders are fine the way they are but if you want an extra splash of colour if you decide to bind it then maybe some of the orange or red that is in your blocks?

    Maureen’s block is just lovely, I’m always in awe when you do these blocks.


  3. Please don’t do another thing on the block Catherine it is perfect. I think the rose colour is relly lovely and not too bright at all. Can ‘t wait until I see the lilies close up, they look like the icing on the cake. Thank you for your beautiful work.

  4. oh that block is so pretty and I think Mom will love it- you really do such pretty embroidery on blocks and they always look so b eautiful dear one. Love the bus quilt to- great idea for travelling and girl ur garden must be blooming pretty now and is going to be for some time to come
    love n hugs bear xoxoxo

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