Another UFO Finished

Sometimes I’m so organised I scare myself….vbg.  Since the Gammill was still visable – ie I hadn’t thrown heaps of stuff on it in a mad search for something else – I thought I would quilt this little quilt.

The quilting book I found it in said it was a Palm Leaf pattern.  Very pretty and I don’t think super hard to do – although by my memory (which is dodgy at best) I think I made this quilt top close to 8 years ago which is long enough to forget such details as how often I unpicked seams etc.

It isn’t a big quilt by any means – more a table topper and it will fit very nicely on top of my chest that we use as a coffee table.

I stippled stitched with white thread in between each leaf which makes them really “pop out” when you see it in the flesh so to speak.  The binding is actually more green (two of my hand dyed fabrics) and looks much better in real life as well.

So now I have shocked you with three posts in one week…..vbg….I’m off to search out some buttons for the Going Away Quilt.


5 thoughts on “Another UFO Finished

  1. Catherine I love it. You have done a wonderful job to make it look so beautiful. Is this an appliqued quilt?

    They must have been a reason it was not completed 8 years ago. heh heh perhaps you were busy then and not now. RAFL.

  2. Catherine
    its so lovely darling- really pretty I got things put away like that- wanna finish my UFO’s off- none are quilts though sweetie love n hugs bear xoxox-

  3. I like it Catherine, it looks great. Sometimes there is a simplicity to using only two colours in a quilt. Your eye doesn’t get lost in colour and the pattern is more striking because of that, if you know what I mean.

    Created a blog, don’t know how often I’ll update it but it’s a start I guess.


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