Well considering how the week started I have made considerable progress on my jobs today.

Washing is well and truly under control and with a stiff breeze blowing isn’t taking anytime at all to dry.  It almost looks like r…a…i…n…  (note I didn’t actually say the word in case it doesn’t happen….lol) so I am crossing my fingers.  I did weed a little more on the big curved bed.  Not that there were many weeds – mainly dead sticks – still it looks tidier.  Now I just have to put more poly pipe down the same as here which I have to say is working extremely well,  (watering a huge row of plants is incredibly easy and it really doesn’t take much water at all) and mulch it heavily and hopefully what is left in this bed will survive the summer.  There are plans  (and lists galore) to fill this bed with huge shrub roses.  The kind that make a hedge (the view beyond it is dismal) and which will flower for months on end.  So far I have had lots of possibilities but not too many definates.

I made the Going Away Cake (yesterday) and it turned out really well.  Both it and the Christmas cake are now in the freezer.   The Going Away Quilt was loaded onto the Gammill yesterday as well and I have quilted it this morning.  I intended on sewing on the binding this afternoon while watching a movie.  While searching for my book on machine quilting patterns I also found quite a few ufo quilts which just need quilting and binding and they are done.  I must have looked at them at some stage (probably months or years ago) as I have notes attached to them with what colour backing or binding I was going to use.   I might just have to get on with them now I have the gammill cleared and ready to use.

I must say a big thank you too for all the lovely comments people have been leaving.  I know I don’t always respond to them, but they are appreciated very much.  Karen – do you have a blog I can visit you at?  It’s always so nice to see your comments, but I’m not sure where to visit you.

Right better go and trim up this quilt, now I have shocked you all with two posts in two days it must be time for me to do some more work.

Have a lovely day



One thought on “Progress

  1. I have procrastinated on the blog which ties in with…well other procrastination; meaning that I might actually have do some work to keep it interesting for others to read. It is something that I have thought about for a while so I guess I should take the plunge and get around to it.

    I’ll post you a link when I get it up and running. Meanwhile I have all sorts of admiration for all the work you’re doing and getting done.

    Take care,

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