The Bus Goes On Holidays

Tomorrow we are off to Halls Gap for a few days in our bus.  It is nearly finished.  Well that is the main things are done – there is still carpet and lino to put down, but for all intents and purposes the bus is now livable.

Curtains are hungs, cushions placed in position, pantry stocked, pots, pans, cutlery and dishes are in place.  Sleeping bags are thrown in, quilts arranged on beds and nearly all the clothes are packed.  Only pillows and toothbrushes have to be put in in the morning.

My theory was that I would have everything done by 12 noon today – but no such luck.  Instead it is 4.30 in the afternoon and I have finally finsihed.  Anything that is forgotton is just too bad.

I had big plans of posting photos here, but I’m afraid you will have to wait until we get back as I’m just too tired and I have just remembered that at 4 am this morning (when I was lying in bed wide awake with my brain on fast forward trying to remember all I was going to do today) I promised myself a long, luxurious bath with all the trimmings – lavender oil in the water, music playing softly, a brand new razor that Ashley hasn’t defiled on his whiskers and maybe a glass (or even too) of wine as I relax.

I hope your weekend/week is a good one and I will catch up when I return – hopefully relaxed and with quite a few ufo’s completed and books read.


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