Send me a Time Tree

Never mind the money tree I need a time tree.  You know the sort – pick a leaf and get an extra 15 minutes for your day, pick a bunch get an hour, pick a branch – get a whole 24 hours.  I was hoping after the excitement of last Sunday that this week would be peaceful but no such luck.

Monday I baked my two christmas cakes.  Well only one made it to the freezer – Mum and I just had to taste test the second one and can I say it was Good!!!!….vbg.  So good in fact there is only a slice or two left and now I have to make a couple more.

Tuesday I had a Doctors appointment as I have been having heaps of trouble with my hands.  Pins and needles frequently and the worst pain at night to the point I was only sleeping an hour (on a good night) two hours at a time.  The doc diagnosed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in both hands and I had cortizone injections in both wrists.  He only wanted to do one at that appointment and the other a week later – but I convinced him I wouldn’t scream and he could do both.  I was very good – the needles  hurt a bit but I didn’t even yell.  After the bruising went down I have full use of my hands again (for the first time in ages) and providing I don’t over do it so far no pins and needles which is wonderful.  However these injections only last for about two months (long enough apparently for the inflammation in my wrists to settle down) and if I have pain after that I have to go and see him again and probably have them operated on.

Wednesday Mum took me shopping as there was a shortage of food in the house (according to the children anyway) and there was no way I could lift anything or even push the trolley.  I think Mum got a bit of a fright as to how much food it takes to feed my tribe for the week……wicked grin.  She is used to just shopping for one.

Thursday Elise had her friend Hayley over in the morning and they worked on some school assignments together and cleaned the pergola for me.  Both girls had the day off school as there were parent/student/teacher interviews that afternoon.  Elise’s went well but I have to wonder about the caliber  of some teachers when they discussed other students to me pointing out how good Elise is compared to those students.  Not what I would call a professional attitude at all.  Elise’s other friend Belinda came over that afternoon – nothing like a varied social life – and they just talked. I’m sure the excuse for Belinda to come over was to do more homework but that didn’t happen.

Friday more cleaning of the house and meal organisation as we had the Annual Swap Meet and Show and Shine on this weekend and for once I wanted to be organised.  Even managed a leisurely trip to the library and a not very painful trip to the shops for some new underware.  Painless cause for once I managed to find things that fitted without trying on half the store.

Saturday was spent setting up for the swap meet.  Beautiful sunny weather, cool breeze couldn’t ask for more.  Well actually we could we wanted the same weather for Sunday – instead we had 40 km/hour winds and the sun that peeked in and out of the clouds.  I did well at the swap meet though.  Ashley came home with one Singer sewing machine for me at about 7.30 am Sunday  and I bought another one from the same dealer by lunchtime.  Photos as soon as I download them – promise.  In all we made about the same amount of money for the club we have done other years which isn’t bad considering the weather and the drought which is taking its toll on everyone and everything.

Yesterday there was the exciting task of housework – scrubbing bathrooms, loads and loads of washing, replacing some of the pea straw in the garden which had blown off in the wind.  Bucketing water to the garden from the washing machine to try and keep plants alive  was yet another task to keep me fit and I helped James clean his room thoroughly as he was home for the day with headaches and was very tired from the weekend.  The minute he grumbled about the cleaning though I offered to make his lunch and take him to school which generally had the effect of him getting stuck into cleaning again.

Today I’m taking it slightly easier….I wonder why…..vbg.

I hope your week is a good.


4 thoughts on “Send me a Time Tree

  1. Hi Calidore,
    As soon as you mentioned “pins and needles” at night, I though of carpet tunnel. It’s miserable! My arm used to feel like it was on fire at night, which is a sign that surgery is needed.

    I did have surgery about 18 years ago and that hand has been fine since. It was well worth it!

    I am glad to hear the cortisone is helping for the time being.

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