A bit of excitement

Not lots happening here if you don’t count the fact the nasty neighbours decided to light their HUGE bonfire on Sunday night with the end result of the fire brigade and police being called in.  No it wasn’t us that called them.  Their house is between us and the industrial estate where a factory that manufactors poly styrene boxes is situated and it was that factories alarm that called in the authorities.  Two fire trucks were in the factory yard hosing down the shed and a gas bottle which is situated near the fence – we have since found out both shed and gas bottle were red hot and an explosion could have happened.

This is taken standing at Mum’s fence looking towards the polystyrene factory.  The firemen were on the shed hosing it down to keep it cool.  The tree that is at the top right of the photo is 20 feet tall and the flames were above that which gives some idea of the size of the fire.  This is only half of the total bonfire area imagine that much again to the right and you are getting some idea.  

The fire brigade were denied, by the neighbours, access  to the fire until it had just about died down to about a fifth of what it was so you can imagine how happy the fire men are.  We called in the police to look at Mum’s unit which is just across from where the fire is as the plastic type siding that she has was starting to melt.  The police were not happy about that either and told us they would be pressing charges of probably wilful damage as well as the fire brigade pressing charges.

Part of the siding that has melted.  It will probably result in the entire back wall being removed and replaced – all courtesy of the neighbours bank account. 

In all it made for quite a bit of excitement on Sunday, top it off with the neighbour on the other side of us ringing up Saturday morning complaining about Milly barking at her while she gardened and it was one of those weekends.  It looks like we are now going to have to fence that side of the yard as well so Milly can’t see her.  The funny thing was when I was in the garden Milly didn’t worry about the neighbour.  When I was inside and the kids outside – Milly was very protective and barking at anything which is good as that is what we got her for – protection of our family.

I hope your weekend was considerably calmer than ours.


3 thoughts on “A bit of excitement

  1. I’ve never complained about the lack of excitement in my life because I’m fully aware that not all excitement is of the good kind.

    I hope this coming week is a more non-eventful one for you and your family.

  2. No wonder it was hot enough to melt your mother’s house. Aren’t they the neighbours from hell?

    I’d hold off on that other fence for a while if I were you – but of course, I’m not, so you’ll just have to do as you see fit ….lol.

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