Vegie Garden Update

Well things are progessing slowly in the vegetable garden. All the beds are dug over just waiting for plants which Mum and I will buy at Murrabit Market this morning. I can’t wait – visions of crisp lettuce, shiny green zucchini, plump watermelon and ripe red tomatoes are dancing through my head.

I used the poly pipe method of watering in here with great success too. Also the large black box you see to the left top of the photo is a “pit” that Ashley had left over from a job. It makes a great drum for water – turn the pump on 5 – 10 mins later it’s full and I can fill the watering can out of that to water the vegies. Three watering cans of water poured into the poly pipe will water very easily half a bed of vegetables too with minimal effort. Yes I know you could just stuff the hose in the pipe and let it run – but considering the amount of weight I have put on a bit of excerise won’t hurt me….sigh.

The swing frame – now long redundant – will have wire mesh tied to it and the pumpkins and watermelon trained to grow up it. Part of the square root gardening philosophy is that whenever possible trailing plants be grown up on trellis to minimize the amount of ground space they need. I can’t see why it won’t work – I have had pumpkins sprawled over fences before and the pumpkins didn’t fall off the vines if they weren’t touching the ground.

Single clove Garlic and tree onions are already up and growing strongly.

I found the bag of single clove garlic in the supermarket a week or so back. Some were already starting to shoot so I though “why not?”. You can find some information on them here and there is some discussion about the garlic on Village Garden Web here.

It has taken me weeks to get my tomato seedlings to this stage…..

The “cage” is to protect them from the Will Wag Tails (tiny blue bird) who delight in pulling out any seedlings I might be trying to grow). I wasn’t at all impressed to find a group of tomato seedlings that have self sown and been frosted to boot – growing so well in the vegie garden.

These are cherry tomatoes and while delicious, we simply do not need that many plants. I will only plant two at most – the rest will be discarded. It does make me wonder though why I bothered with all that mucking around to start tomatoes early inside when these are so much healthier and stronger than mine. The fact is Mother Nature knows best and I am but a willing apprentice.


One thought on “Vegie Garden Update

  1. Your garden looks fantastic Catherine, I can also see all those delectable fruit and vegies growing madly. I picked 4 pumpkins this last weekend from my garden and amazed I manged to grow them over Winter. Ours grew up our fences and into the trees LOL, we had these huge pumpkins hanging off branches and fences – so heavy but worked out perfectly. None rotted on the bottom. I’ve been asking Chris to build me an ‘above’ ground vegie garden …….. fingers crossed.

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