Square Foot Gardening

Ohh it has been so busy around here that I really haven’t had time to do anything as nice as blogging of late.    The weather is just wonderful – if you don’t count the fact that we need rain desperately.  Warm enough that everything is growing, but not so hot that you don’t feel like doing anything.  We are still having a few frosts, but nothing major and with all the blossom out on the trees Spring must be just around the corner.

I was reading the “Grass Roots” magazine this past month (a self sufficiency magazine available in Australia) and there was an article in there on Square Foot Gardening.  I am sure I have read something on this style of gardening before, but didn’t do anything more about it.

This time the article really stuck a chord.  I am have to the realisation that I can’t do anything – yes ok you can stop rolling around on the floor laughing now Sandie and Maureen – but I honestly can’t and the vegie garden that I had was just TOO BIG.   My time seems to be more and more limited – possibly having too many hobbies may have something to do with that, and being on stage four restrictions with our water (that is there is no watering out side with a hose – unless you are lucky enough like me to have a dam full of water and a good pump) a major rethink was needed in the garden.  The price of vegetables was another major contributing factor as I think in our part of the world I will soon need a loan the size of the National Debt just to buy fruit and veg for the week.

So I started to do some research on this form of gardening.  You can find the main website here where there seems to be heaps of information.  Do a Google search and there is even more info.  So many people seem to be trying this form of gardening it was quite amazing and enlightening to read what they were saying.

Basically (or as basic as I can describe it) you divide your garden plot – in this case the vegie garden – into square foot plots and plant in them.  It means that there is reduced water, reduced time (yay) in weeding and an increased harvest.  Check out the official site for the proper terms for all of it.

So I searched ebay and bought this book

Which is a wonderful and very informative read and seems to cover everything.  I think the hardest bit might be to go from planting in looooong rows that can be difficult to water and weed – to planting in an area that is a square foot (or 30 x 30 centimetres).

I  made a start a couple of weekends ago and divided up one garden bed.  It is a sleeper (8 foot) by a sleeper (8 foot) in size.  Note the use of the stunning blue bind-a-twine that is soooo incredibly useful for all manner of things….grin….not forgetting the bricks too.

Elise and I have converted the other beds to the same size and Mum and I are slowly but surely cleaning up all the vegie garden area which will be fenced and the chooks allowed into it.  Hopefully I will use that space for some more fruit trees.

Time will tell if it all works.


3 thoughts on “Square Foot Gardening

  1. I have read about this before and kind of do the same thing in raised beds. I think I want to try the layered gardening where you basically built your compost pile in your garden bed, no tilling, just plant right in the layers.

  2. Sounds interesting I’ll have to look into it for next summer. We’re entering our fall season here. It was very dry in our part of Canada as well this year. My mom out in BC had the opposite problem as it rained all summer there. I guess the weather patterns are changing.

    LOL, I had to look up chooks 🙂

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