Today Was A Good Day

Well I have to admit I have had a good day – which is a relief after yesterday.  At 1.30 am this morning when I was lying in bed awake stewing over things I decided that yesterday finished and midnight and I wouldn’t worry about it any more.  It must have worked as I drifted back to sleep not long afterwards.

This morning, with definitely the right frame of mind,  I have had a massive clean up of my bathroom cupboard.  Make up, body lotions, perfume – you name it – has all gone in the bin.  Most of it I have had since Adam was a boy or Noah built the Ark and I decided enough was enough and I was definitely in the mood for a clean sweep.

I treated myself to some new make up when I popped down the street for the mail etc.  Some nice blush and eyeshadow to go with the mascara and foundation I purchased yesterday – so now I have a fresh new look for summer.  Not that I’m “high maintenance” by any stretch of the imagination – but it is nice to have a change.

I tried to immerse myself in a good book this afternoon but it didn’t work – my wardrobe was calling me, so what else could I do but respond!  An hour and a half later there was a huge pile of clothes on the floor that didn’t fit, didn’t suit or just didn’t appeal any more all ready for the op shop when next I go down the street.   There was another huge pile of clothes destined for the bin  which I must have been insane to wear they were so revolting.

Now I have a lovely clean, sorted wardrobe with just a few really nice outfits to wear – mainly the clothes I made last year, which surprise, surprise still fit despite the weight gain I have had over the past few months.  In fact throw on a pair of high heels and I look positively glamorous – or maybe that was just the excitement of having a wardrobe I could walk into that was doing that…vbg.  Even my shoes were sorted and the floor vacummed.

Milly (red heeler) I might add slept through the entire process very comfortably on my bed – despite having clothes heaped upon her as I was sorting.  The most I got was an occasional snore from her direction.


4 thoughts on “Today Was A Good Day

  1. Glad it is improving for you Catherine, and sounds like you had a wonderful clean out – sometimes that in itself can make you feel so much better. Hope the kids get better soon, you have certainly had a round of sickies of late …….

  2. Oh there’s nothing quite like a revamped wardrobe or cupboard. So often we keep things, even when they are out-of-date, because it seems like a waste of money to throw them out. But if we’re not going to use them, then they might just as well be thrown out and reduce the clutter.

    I used to keep clothes thinking that I would be able to fit into them again one day …. no chance. Clothes that have rarely been worn were being kept so that I could eventually get some wear out of them. Now I tell myself that someone else might just as well get the use out of them before the moths do.

    You didn’t mention the girls, so I’m hoping that means that they are on the mend.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend (if a young Mum can have any such thing…lol).

  3. My goodness, you had a lot of energy. It takes a lot for me to want to clean a cupboard or closet out. But it’s one of things that must be done. It feels great, doesn’t it?

  4. I can only imagine how good it must feel to have a clean closet! Maybe you could come to my house and do mine??? I can’t seem to get it done. Hardly anything in it fits any more, but I am still hopeful that some of my weight gain will melt away. 🙂

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