One of Those Days

I know, Dear Friends, you will forgive me if I have a small grumble about my day – because it’s been on of thooooooose kinds of days!!!

Elise woke up with sore and inflammed ears which meant a visit to the Doctors at 12 noon.  This has been building up for a few days, but today the pain was just too bad to ignore as she has been trying too – so she had yet another day off school.

I spent the morning washing, doing housework and attempting to sew together a new blouse for the summer.  I do say attempting because sewing the hem of the front and back of the top together before I had sewn anything else sort of gave an indication of what else was going to go wrong.  Part way through overlocking one of the seams the light globe in the over locker exploded – and I do mean exploded which also tripped one of the electricty fuses.  A phone call to Ashley and I worked out which one I had to turn back on and I continue sewing.  You would think it would be obvious – but not today.

Finally we get to the Doctors and even have the luck of not waiting too long in the waiting room.  Dr W. was lovely and very thorough and now Elise has antibotics for an inner ear infection and drops for what he suspects is an outer ear infection.  There is nothing like doubling up on infections.  A quick trip to the pharmacy for the script to be filled and we were home again.

I phoned the podiatrist to try and get an appointment for my foot which is still sore 8 months after the first visit.  Something to do with a torn or strained tendon or band of fibre which is under the foot.  No luck there.  The podiatrist I saw has left, a new one is coming – but not until September and the girl that is still there is pregnant and leaving shortly therefore they are only taking emergency cases and won’t be even thinking about any other case until at least October or maybe November.  They wouldn’t even make an appointment for me.

I continue sewing only to have the light on the sewing machine fail – at least it didn’t explode – and I can’t and don’t have another globe so I can change it.

Down to school to pick up Nicola and James.  Nicola is in tears with a headache and tempreture – looks like she will be home tomorrow,  and James is full of arguments why he can’t do anything even remotely helpful.

Down the street I went – yet again – to take my Janome in to be repaired. I have decided that I just can’t live without it.  It won’t be repaired however until at least the end of next week or the week after as the repair man is ill and has to see a specialist shortly and they don’t know when he will return to work!!!  Now I do hope that it isn’t anything too serious – but I want my machine!!!!!!!!

Home again to make a new blouse as the other one was a bit of a disaster – fabric was wrong, made the wrong size etc – I won’t bore you too much with details.  Ashley gets home well after 6 pm all nice and cheerful cause he has had a wonderful day.  Meanwhile I now have Elise in tears at the pain in her ears and she is having major dizzy spells and Nicola is tucked up in bed saying she is cold and still running a temp.  Tea is served – such as it is and then kids are bundled off to bed.
Ashley has just gone out on a late call out for a job – looking all cheerful at escaping the sick house and any suggestion he helps with the dishes or cleaning up.

So you see it was one of those days where I seriously think I should have just stayed in bed.  It hasn’t helped that I’m having one of those “down” days and everything seems to be magnified all out of proportion to it’s reality.

Tomorrow WILL be better – I hope and life will soon be back to normal.

I sincerley hope your day was a good one.

Catherine – who promises she will look at the world with fresh eyes tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Oh dear Catherine – that really is just several things too many all in one day. First of all, I hope the girls (all THREE of you) get a good night’s sleep and feel much better in the morning, and fully recovered very soon. You’ve really had a horrible winter, illness wise.

    Can you use your Elna whilst your Janome is being fixed? Fancy both globes blowing in the one day. Can you resurrect the blouse and remake it for one of the girls?

    Just take a day at a time, Catherine. Everything else can wait.

    Love and hugs –


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