Bus Update

Well it’s been a long, long, long road when it comes to working on the bus and the end still isn’t in sight.  If this is a project you are thinking about my advice would be think long and hard and make sure you can be a Jack of All Trades ……or have lots of money and pay someone to do the work for you.  No sooner do we fix one thing than another rears it’s not so pretty head and the list goes on.  Still in the end it will be worth it and to be honest we have reached a point where to stop now is just a waste of time and money so we shall continue ever onwards……….and really look forward to the holidays we will have in the old girl.

Yesterday the bus went in for a road worthy.  We have to have that done before it can be registered here in Victoria.  We knew there were things that would have to be fixed before we finally got the ok of approval, however the things we thought would be picked up on were not even commented on, other things were.  Rust being the biggest no no.

The end result is Ashley spent a couple of hours pulling off one side of the bus so the rust damage can be fixed.

Yes I know it’s scary, but it honestly isn’t as bad as it looks.  Around the wheel arch and the bottom row of  steel needs to be fixed the most – the rest is just dirty.  There is a possibility that we might get it all sand blasted to check for any other bits that need fixing while we are at it.  That depends however, on time and money.  Already Ashley has come up with the idea of putting in some new boxes below the bus to hold the batteries and the BBQ so may be this will be all worth it.  We still have to do the other side yet – so it’s not a little job.

The kitchen cupboard is complete it just needs the sink and stove put into position and plumbed in and the whole thing painted.  I think Ashley did a really good job at making this – including the doors.  Especially when I remember that he really hasn’t worked with wood all that much in the past.

Looking back towards our bed and the bedside cupboard.  There is one at the foot of the bed as well.  The board at the head and back of the bed will have carpet put over it.

I know it doesn’t look much but this is the hand rail to get in and out of the bus.  Goodness knows how people got in and out when it was in service as the steps are quite steep.  The passenger seat will go here – we removed it so that the old carpet could be removed and new floor coverings put down.

The inside of the bus still needs painting, floor covering put down, carpet on the roof, cushions and their covers put back, curtains hung and new ones made and I’m not even going to think about stocking the panty and cupboards with all the bits and peices we will need.  Hopefully – fingers and toes crossed – we will be able to go away in September for a week during the school holidays.  I’m not counting my chickens – yet – but I admit to buying one or two packs of biscuits etc ready to take with us….how’s that for optimistic?

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5 thoughts on “Bus Update

  1. Catherine, tell Ashley he did a wonderful job on the cabinets as from what I see the work looks very professional. What a luxury home away from home you’ll have when you do get to travel with “the bus”!

  2. The cupboards look great and it is good to know what lies beneath the outer cladding. At least when Ashley finishes you will know it is strong and you won’t be dropping off bits along the way.

    I hope you get the bus finished in time for school holidays. September isn’t so far away.

  3. Wow, what a project! The inside is looking better and better, though. Are you going to take this on the road full time, or part time or just for holiday camping?

  4. You should be so proud of yourselves! 🙂 It is looking fantastic ……. September isn’t too far away you know …… will come around before you know it. And I have to agree with Norma, Ashley has done a fantastic job of the cupboards, they really do look like they were done professionally. What a clever man!

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