Thank You and Update

Hi All

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments you have left regarding the two cqed blocks.  They have really made my week.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while and posts might be far and few between for a bit.  I have the flue – again!  I have spent most of the week in bed with occasional forays into the kitchen to throw together a meal or to dash into the laundry to chuck yet another load in the washing machine.  Thank heavens for my Mum who has been a tower of strength.  Actually I don’t think I could stop her helping even if I wanted to.   She has shopped, cleaned, hung out washing, picked up mail, run kids to school and picked them up and just been so wonderful words cannot describe it adequately.

Elise started back at school at the beginning of the week and seems to be over her bout of this virus thank goodness.  Both Nicola and James had last Friday off with James returning to school Monday and only part of Tuesday morning before he came home again and neither have returned to school.  Nicola is slim at the best of times , but this virus is really knocking her and you can see what little weight she has is melting off her.  Think of those wafer thin, catwalk fashion models and you have Nicola.  Rest and good food is about all that can be done though.

There is a report in the local paper this morning where most of the district (apart from the really remote outlying areas) have all got this virus.  The Doctors Clinic and the hospital are over run with patients – but as it is a virus there is very little they can do as antibiotics can’t and won’t do anything.  The schools have all reported massive numbers of students absent – with one saying they had over 100 students away each day and that wasn’t even mentioning some of the staff.

The good news is Ashley, apart from minor sniffles, seems to have avoided the worst of this bug and has spent most of his days at work – “avoiding the bug” he tells me….grin.  That would be all I need – him sick too!!

I hope everyone is well and avoiding these nasty bugs.  I’m keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers that you will stay well and continue that way.

Non Germy Hugs (I have zapped them…



3 thoughts on “Thank You and Update

  1. A nice warm bed may well be lovely on a cold winter’s day, but having the flu rather takes the edge off it. I hope you are ALL fully fit again soon. You need to build up your stamina – remember that Spring is just around the corner and you know that your garden will be calling to you loud and clear.

    Best wishes for a sniffle free week ahead.

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Sorry to hear you are all unwell (well, apart from Ashley). I am cleaning up Mum’s stash, and have something the girls may like toplay with, but have lost your address and canot find oyur e-mail, either.

    So if you can drop me a note with a snail-mail addie, I will give it a gentle little push along.


  3. Hope you and the kids are feeling well soon. It’s amazing isn’t it how the men of the family never seem to catch any sickness or at least that’s true when it comes to my own family.

    I was listening to a Sydney radio station and they were talking yesterday about how people were being asked to wear those face masks to work to prevent the spreading of the virus. I guess it must be a nasty bug that’s going around if they’re mentioning this on the radio.

    Take care,
    Karen (who’s experiencing summer and won’t face the flu bug for another couple of months)

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