Crazy Quilted Blocks

I have been working slowly but surely on Maureen’s blocks over the past week or so. It really is amazing just how much you can get done when you or the family is sick and you can’t go anywhere. Even the computer didn’t have much appeal which was possibly a good thing or I wouldn’t have these two blocks finished.

I know it doesn’t show up very well on this photo but the green fan is slightly padded – just enough to give it some texture.  I felt it needed a boost as the rest of the block is quite textured with all those roses.

The large spider web roses around the central photo are varigated silk ribbon with the main one having a diamonte necklace clasp at the centre of it.  The colour really doesn’t show up well in the picture.  Some of the seam treatments are from the new book I had purchased – Encylopedia of Ribbon Embroidery Borders.  A fabulous book for inspiration.

I hope you like these Maureen.

I just have one more block to do for Maureen, then three for Sandie and three for me and this swap is complete. It’s a good thing we didn’t set a time limit on when these are to be done by as I don’t think any of us would be finished on time – life has a habit of getting in the way a bit much of late.

The next block for Maureen is totally different in colour from these two.  Think old fashioned red velvety roses (not that modern garish red) on cream background and you are beginning to think of the colour scheme that I’m playing with.  I had heaps of lace, silk ribbon and bits and pieces that all go beautifully together.  Time will tell if it works.

14 thoughts on “Crazy Quilted Blocks

  1. Don’t change a thing Catherine, both blocks are perfect for me.
    I see such different methods of using tatting and silk ribbons here. I love them.

  2. oh Catheirne
    these are beautiful – they really are- girl you should get sick more often huh??- I love the little girl in the second one and all of those wonderful roses and the lovely fan- to beautiful dear one to beautiful
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Catherine ( hello, remember me) …these blocks are just beautiful. The lady in the garden on the first one- is there a flower print on the fabric ?? and the second one is so well balanced and put together.
    Ditto Maureen, some great ideas for using tatting and SRE.

  4. How could Maureen not love these blocks. The lady in the garden is precious. Love the ribbon dragonflies. The SRE on the second block is just lovely. What a beautiful combination of stitches.

  5. Oh Catherine,
    They are stunning, beautiful…I love the crinoline lady in the corner..
    Maureen will of course love them..I do!

  6. That’s beautiful work Catherine. I’m always in awe of the creative and lovely work that you do. How do you manage that along with all of your other activities?

    I hope all the ills and chills will soon be gone and you’ll all be back to full health.

  7. Wow, Calidore, if you do that great work when you are sick, just imagine what you could do if you felt well!

    They are beautiful as usual. I am sure Maureen will adore them.

  8. This is absolutely beautiful work Catherine, it’s a marvel to behold, you’ve done everything just perfect and it’s well balanced.

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