Checking In

Hi All

Not lots happening around here if you don’t count the snow like frosts we are having every morning.

Life has come to a complete standstill this past week.  Elise has the flu badly, she kindly (not) shared it with me.  Nicola and James have just a touch of it and took yesterday off.  Today was their School lead conferences (read that to be parent/teacher interviews)  in which both kids showed me their best work for the year up to date and explained what they wanted to acheive for the rest of the year.  I dragged myself along – so heavily dosed on anything that moved in the cupboard it wasn’t funny.  Both Nicola and James have done extremely well and had excellent reports from their teachers.  Elise’s report came home the end of last week and she has topped her class in a great many of her subjects so there are no problems there either which is good.

Both Elise and I have spent several hours each day in bed alternating between hot and cold, sniffy and sneezing.  Unfortuantly life goes on and I have still had to stagger down the street each day to do jobs and stock up on tissues, bread etc.  Ashley is flat out with work – mainly faults at rental properties.  He thinks (and I’m beginning to agree) that this time of year tenants stay home due to whatever reason and come up with all sorts of things that aren’t working and need to be fixed.  Not that I blame them for wanting to stay home – it’s too cold to do anything.  So far, apart from minor sniffles, Ashley hasn’t sucumbed to the flue.  He would have to care for himself and we all know how well men do that!!!!

As a result the house looks like a bomb hit it, I am barely keeping up with emails and blogs and meals are something that just falls out of the cupboard and if you don’t like it then don’t eat.  I know we are on the road to recovery, it just seems a long way off…..sigh.

I hope everyone else is well and coping with the cold weather and frosts.  My only hope is that these frosts will destroy all these flue bugs and we can get on with our lives.  In the mean time I’m drinking tea by the pot full, stoking the fire non stop and watching plenty of DVD’s.

Sending non germy hugs your way.



3 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. “Fortunately, life goes on” even though you have to still do all the mundane things in order to maintain that life.

    Look on the bright side, Catherine, on a cold, frosty, foggy day where better to be than inside by the fire? Still, I’m sure you’d appreciate it more without the flu.

    I hope you’ll all be fit and well in no time at all.

    Congratulations to all the children for their great work and success at school. Oh, what clever parents they must have !!!

  2. Take care of yourself Catherine, we all need a little pampering and what better time then now when you are feeling under the weather.

    Congrats for the children on good reports, I’m sure mom was in there helping out when it was needed.


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