Mail Call

I love it when the mail box is stuffed with parcels and letters all addressed to me……lol.  It just makes my day complete somehow and what was even better – none of those parcels and letters were bills….whooo hooo.

I had participated in a postcard swap with some of the ladies on the crazy quilting group I am in.  The theme was “Express Yourself” with the idea that we would all try something new and as it would be postcard size the theory was it wouldn’t be too scary or difficult.  Well I have to admit it was easy finding and trying something new – the hard bit was trying to decide who would receive what card….grin.

Today’s Postcards came from….

Margaret G.  Beautiful hand dyed lace butterflies and flowers on a really scrummy background.  Thank you Margaret.  Margaret even had it hand cancelled then popped it in an envelope to post.

Maureen B. sent me this stunning card.  I have been encouraging Maureen to have a go at Machine Embroidery and despite emails like “I broke the needle – again!” …lol….I think she is well on her way to being quite successful at the technique.   Maureen said she found the picture in a magazine for inspiration and the background fabric was a shop bought piece.  It really does look very life like and the “worm” the bird is holding is a “loose” peice of string so you get a dimensional effect.

My last postcard came in all it’s “naked” glory, hand cancelled and stamped into my post office box with absolutely no damage to it at all. Some of my faith in Australia Post has been restored.

It is from Margaret P. and she used Xpanda paint which is then machine embroidered and although you can’t see them clearly, beaded as well.  Mum looked and ooooed and ahhhhed over it – then idly wondered if that was another technique I wanted to try.  Sure is Mum  ……..wicked grin.  The photo really doesn’t do it justice as the whole card is quite glittery in effect and the edges very bronze.  It’s stunning.  Thank you Margaret.

My last parcel was this book which was a recent ebay purchase all the way from the States.

You can’t order this book anymore as it is no longer in print and I have been searching ebay for months in an attempt to find one.  Maureen C. said she has it and it is brilliant.  She’s right.  It is brilliant.  Wonderful photos, clear descriptions and diagrams and the best eye candy.  Best of all with the Aussie dollar/US Dollar at the moment it was cheaper than imagined it might have been.


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