Bus Progress Report No 2

A few more items for the bus  made their way to our home during the past couple of days.

The inverter that Ashley bought to convert 240 volt (mains power) to 12 volt – at least I think that’s what it does – I’m getting a bit confused with all the electrical talk of late – arrived. Now he has to rethink where it is going to be situated on the bus as it doesn’t fit in the position it was intended for.

The new 12/240 volt TV arrived on Thursday. It has a DVD player already in it. I’m not totally convinced we need it, but if it keeps them all occupied so I can sit and relax and maybe even get some sewing or reading done – then I’m all for it….grin.  Ohh and Ashley has tried out the TV already and it has his seal of approval.

Possibly the most important item of all was purchased on Thursday as well. He is all of three inches tall and is our Mascot……

I couldn’t resist him not with “Size Matters” printed on his T-Shirt. Best of all there is a magnet in the back of Teddies head so he can sit proudly on the dash of the bus safe from harm.

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