UFO’s and new projects finished

While Ashley has been busy with the bus I have been madly quilting ufo’s and finishing some newer projects.

This is the braid quilt that I made from scraps out of the boxes that hid under my gammill.  It is lined with a woolen blanket and is incredibly warm.  The borders and strips between the rows are actually dark green – not black as the photo shows.  James has claimed this quilt as his to use on the bus.

Elise loves this quilt and may very well get to use it in her room.   It is more a lap quilt than one suitable to use on a bed – there is another quilt she has picked for that purpose.  This is also made from scraps that were hiding under the gammill.  As I finished off each row in the lap quilt, any excess were thrown into another tub and turned into nine patch squares.

It is still to be quilted and I’m not sure if I will put a blanket in as batting or just use “normal” batting, plus I still have to hunt out some backing fabric.   The setting blocks (dark brown) and the border sashes are fabric that I received in the chicken scratch at Sandie’s (Easter)  which no one else wanted. While they are colours that I don’t normally use – in fact I have only ever made one other brown quilt – in this they are magic.


2 thoughts on “UFO’s and new projects finished

  1. Love the quilts. We must be related as my big box of scraps gets added to and used in much the same way as these two beauties. Isn’t it strange how one person’s trash becomes another’s treasure – hence the brown was perfect. Wonder if the former owner would like it back? tee hee

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