Bus Update No 1

Well give a man a semi reasonable budget and instructions to buy whatever he thinks is absolutely essential for the bus and watch him go to work…grin. Between searching the net and ebay Ashley has managed to find some pretty good bargains – most being a half the normal retail price even with freight included.

So far we have a new four burner stove/griller which Ashley found on sale at a caravan and camping place in Melbourne.

Fantastic service.  He phoned, ordered and paid for it on Monday and it arrived first thing Tuesday morning.

The kitchen area is slowly being built.  The bench top is made of boards all biscuit joined and glued together and Ashley started sanding it this afternoon.

Our bed –  a Queen sized.  The box next to the head of it will be a cupboard and there will be another one on the other side of the wall on the right hand side of the photo.  The head of the bed (left hand side of photo) is going to have a long box type structure that we can store stuff inside as well as lean against if we want to read in bed……which is a favorite occupation of mine when on holidays.

The foot of our bed and James’s bunk bed.  He thinks it’s “way cool” and loves lying on there already.

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One thought on “Bus Update No 1

  1. This is so fabulous, I’m quite excited for you all and can imagine all of the grand adventures that you will be going on.

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