A New/Old Sewing Machine

Well after all the saga of the sewing machine – this is what I ended up using to sew with aftermy Janome decided to throw a hissy fit.

It’s the old Singer sewing machine – I think around 40 – 50 years old that runs like a dream.  If there is any down side it’s that there is no light over the needle – hence the naked lamp at the back of it.

Jess (lying on the blanket at the back – particuarly likes the lamp though.  I caught him asleep with his head right near the light globe when it was going – nicely warming his chin.  How on earth he didn’t burn it I will never know.

On Monday – much to my relief – the New/Old Elna arrived and after reading the instruction book (something I rarely do) I started to play.

What a wonder it is.  So quiet not even Jess is disturbed…grin…..and no one has told me to stop sewing cause they can’t hear the tv…..always a blessing….not that I listen to them anyway….lol.

The case forms the large sewing area that you can see and is amazing for when you are sewing on the binding to a quilt.  It supports it soooooooo well that I had none of the issues of it dragging against the needle like I normally do.  I received a walking foot with it, a darning foot, an adjustable zipper foot and a cutter which works (from what I have seen cause I haven’t tried it yet) like an overlocker.  There are about five fancy stitches including the basic zig zag stitch.  All in all I think I got a bargain.


3 thoughts on “A New/Old Sewing Machine

  1. I have a childhood memory of seeing one of those machines down in the basement. Now they are very hard to obtain. Glad that the new machine is working out well for you 🙂

  2. Catherine – I hope you get to love your Elna as much as I love mine which is now 38 years old. Mine is the model above yours – it has fancy stitch discs to insert. I have a more modern Elna (an electronic one) but I still prefer to use my old one which still works perfectly after many years of sewing for family, friends, other people and shops.

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