The Bus

It was a busy end to last week and an even busier weekend. On Friday we travelled to Milang in South Australia to pick up the Bus. Milang is situated on the shores of Lake Alexandrina where the River Murray empties into and then flows into the sea. We had hopes of staying in the area and sleeping on the bus so we could explore a bit but our plans didn’t work out that way.

The pier is an endless source of fascination with my family…..

for a while there I thought James might fall in, but he assures me he was hanging on tightly…grin.

I kept thinking the water would be really deep but it wasn’t. Not sure why, may be the tidal flows have something to do with it.

After picking up the bus and finding it far dustier and dirtier than we thought it might be Ashley decided to head for home so that was the end of our sight seeing. I should note that the bus had been stored in a ware house that was so unbeleiveably dusty, that it should have been no surprise to find it in the condition that we did.

Please welcome our 1962 Comair Bus (hopefully I have the name and age right…vbg). She is a grand old lady who drives with all the manners and style of a woman her age, runs on the smell of an oily (or should that be gassy) rag and draws attention where ever we have been……lol.  Ohh by the way the huge silver box at the top front of the bus – isn’t actually on the bus – that’s the shed air conditioner.

The inside when we first got home. There was stuff everywhere. Carpet, water pump, pillows, towels. The blue curtain you can just see is the shower which has now been removed.  It was a matter of our bed being the priority.

The kitchen sink – such as it is – and the gas hot water service. Both are now removed. The sink will be reused as it isn’t in bad condition, the cupboards it sat in are gone. The hot water service won’t be used in the bus. Ashley is looking for a better option.

The other side of the kitchen. A lovely wide bench. We just need to put on cupboard doors and it’s done.

The over head cupboards with lead light windows. Ashley is so relieved they are done as he doesn’t think he could have done them that well plus the bus roof is curved and apparently it’s a nightmare of a job to get everything to sit properly. I have washed up all the curtains and they have come up like new. Lovely heavy weight curtaining fabric that is all lined with block out fabric. There are even cushion covers made from the same fabric. The couches have cushions on them made from a lovely patterned dark blue fabric. Washed – they have also come up like new.

Two hours work on a Saturday morning with all five of us working hard and the bus is stripped down to basics and we can now see where we have to start.

Ashley and Elise the Dynamic Renovating Duo – worked all day pulling down carpet off the ceiling. It will be replaced to help stop condensation. The electrical wiring has been completely redone – Ashley said he wouldn’t trust anything anyone else has done plus he wanted to move things around – typical electrician/renovator. We are now fully wired for both 12 volt and 240 volt lights and power. Where Ashley is working is where the TV, CD player, Video machine and amplifier go. Only the TV wasn’t included in the sale. Of course according to Ashley getting the stereo system up and running was a priority as he likes to work with music going…grin.  Ohhh and the fridge is hooked up and running – he likes a cold drink while working as welll.

Yes it’s a mess – but it’s a good mess. Renovations are well under way. Wiring is done. Kitchen and shower are gone. Back area has been measured up and timber purchased to finish the walls and make our bed. There is going to be a bunk bed down there too for James. It will fit behind the wall on the right hand side of the photo. All the old carpet has been removed from the roof. Even the cupboard above where the kitchen sink will be has been moved to the correct position.

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7 thoughts on “The Bus

  1. What fun, we considered doing this but settled on a 5th wheel trailer instead so we could unhook and just drive the truck. I look forward to seeing the transformation.

  2. What great fun Catherine, for you and your family… Ray & I built our first pop-top caravan from scratch, it was good fun. You’ll enjoy plenty of trip in this bus and lots of memories for the kids.
    happy travels – Faye

  3. This looks fabulous Catherine. Far better option than camping IMHO!! Her ‘bones’ look great, now she just a little comfort food to fill her out.

  4. So…..does the bus get renamed “the Rowdy traveller”??

    It always pays to strip a boat,bus or camper back to the bones.then no nasty surprises when travelling.
    Has Ashley considered black pies or bags on roof to heat water..or even solar panels?
    We might see you in Qld yet!

  5. WOW that is just awesome! I hope you have the before pics of all the bus before starting on the ripping out. What I see is just gorgeous and I just LOVE the exterior! Enjoy it and Congrats on the handy crew too!

    Can I please, pretty please come touring with you????

    Rose Anne B

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