Flowers in My Garden

I noticed a flurry of activity around my Red Hot Pokers on the weekend and just had to investgate.

I have no idea what the name of these birds are……..

……but there had to be at least eight of them all fighting over the prime flowers on my Red Hot Pokers.

Thank heavens for the zoom function on my camera as they wouldn’t allow me to get too close.  The colours of their feathers are amazing though and that blue is just devine.

Even though I trained as a Florist  I was never very good at this kind of arrangement, but I just had to have a go.

Sorry the photo is a little blurry. I found this very difficult to photograph.  The “sticks” are from my twisted willow, the berries from the Nandina (Sacred Bamboo I think is the other name) and the varigated leaves at the bottom I have no idea of the name, but they are pretty.  The whole arrangment is sitting in a wide, flat, black bowl that I bought years ago and really haven’t used very much.  I think I will from now on.

The girls were really impressed with Mum’s creation and apparently there was a debate between Nicola and Elise as to whether it was real or not.  Elise said it was real and won the argument when Nicola squished one of the berries and it went all over her fingers.


4 thoughts on “Flowers in My Garden

  1. That’s a really nice arrangement you have there Catherine.

    The birds really look interesting, most of ours are just plain brown, grey, black colours. Now and then you get a blue jay, cardinal or yellow finch.

    Congrats on the driver’s license. I really like the idea of the converted bus for road trips, sounds neat.


  2. Blue faced honey eaters my dear!
    The juveniles are olive green/yellow around the eyes.
    Some bushies up here refer to them as “happy families”
    And hey I love your red hot poker arrangement!

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