Appliqued Table Runners

As it is sooooo cold and windy and raining I needed to look at something bright and colorful today so decided to post photos of the two table runners I have just made.

One is for my Mum’s Birthday which is on June 30th – so I have finished it just in time.

I used the brightest colours I could find with cream as the borders. To create the stems I zig zagged mint green wool along the curves – it was quick and easy.

The flowers and leaves were fused down with visoflex and then zig zagged around as well.

Because I cut so many squares and flowers and leaves I just had to make one for myself…..

I used my hand dyed fabric for the borders and several hand dyed peices in the squares.

I used chain stitch to create the stems on this table runner – it was fun but no where near as fast as using wool and the sewing machine. The flowers and leaves are fused down and zig zagged around.

Note the raw edges I still haven’t finished this table runner – Mum’s was a priority but it is on my list of things to do.

I have another confession to make. When I read the pattern it said to enlarge the “stems” by 200%. Now I read it wrong and enlarged the flowers and leaves as well. They should only be half the size, but to be honest I’m glad I made the mistake. I think they look better in the bigger size and were certainly a lot easier to sew around.


5 thoughts on “Appliqued Table Runners

  1. they look wonderful….i really like that minty green fabric you dyed….to me it;s like watching multicolored leaves falling all around….very cheerful and what a sense of movement! I know your mom is going to love hers…but in case she just has too many………….gggggg

  2. Great runner, so cheery and bright. Using the wool for stems is a good idea. Your mother will love it.

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