Painting and Concreting – Finished

Unbeleiveable but true – our painting and concreting adventures have finished – however there is still the matter of tiling and grouting said tiling to be done, not to mention fixing the kids shower screens so it doesn’t leak any more, but that’s the subject of another post.

 Since Ashley had the roller and paint tray already out and used, he decided to recoat the passage way as well…..

It now looks so much brighter and tidier and alway he did was one coat of paint.  The tiles that are missing (just behind his feet) are now also in place.

 The laundry cupboard now has had its second coat of paint and I just have to wait for the paint to harden properly (I suspect that could take a week considering how cold it has got) and I can sort out my laundry properly.

The wall in the dining room is done, skirting board painted and the big cabinet is now back into position.

All the cups and saucers that live on the shelves in the cabinet are now back into position, including a new/old tea set that belonged to my Granny which I found hiding in the cupboard.

The concreting is finished….


Isn’t this the most beautiful sight???

Or maybe you prefer this angle……grin.

This is the other pergola that was concreted yesterday.  Now it just needs it’s roof put on, landscaping done around it and it will be very pleasant to sit in during the summer with the breeze blowing through.


4 thoughts on “Painting and Concreting – Finished

  1. Your renovations both inside and out look fantastic. Can’t wait to sit in your pergola when we come over! Like the way the concrete path weaves about and is thicker in one spot, very effective.
    The photo of you on your belly in the below post is a classic, just need your head poking out to be totally classical. LOL 🙂 Can imagine you are feeling relieved it’s all over, renovating is always a headache …..

  2. Very nice, you’ve done a great job and lots of effort went into that for sure. I’ve been following your blog since February and reading one of your new posts is always one of my treats for the day. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate your sharing with us.

    Karen (Canada)

  3. Wow. I can;t believe you are doing all this stuff..the place looks great. i’ll be right over! how about that tea set you found hiding..isn;t that fabulous….what a treasure!

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