All is Well with Calidore’s World

The sun is shining.

There is a cool breeze blowing.

It is warmer than yesterday morning.

The washing is on the line.

I have baked a fruit cake, caramel slice, biscuits, and bread rolls. – yesterday I made spagetti sauce, meat loaf, tuna slice, zucchini slice (in muffin tins) and banana and choc chip muffins.

 The concreters are busy doing the finishing touches to the path that extends from the pergola to the back gate – and it’s beautiful.  Photos soon.

The garden looks wonderful and there are even some roses in bloom.

My neck – which has kept me in agony for the past week – feels heaps better today after a good massage from Ashley last night.

I feel like playingl in the sewing room – mainly to experiment with postcards for a swap I’m in.

Thank you to all those who have been so complimentary on my sewing of late -your comments are very much appreciated. 

All the children are at school after having Elise home sick for three days this week.

The dogs are slowly but surely accepting that they cannot go out side and run over the new and very wet concrete path.

It’s a long weekend this weekend and I intend on doing lots of sleeping in, reading good books and hopefully some serious sewing.

See – There’s lots to be thankful for today.






One thought on “All is Well with Calidore’s World

  1. What a wonderful frame of mind and state of being to take into a long weekend.

    Sorry you’ve been in pain with your neck but glad it’s feeling better now.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend but don’t eat all of that delicious cooking all at once, will you?…lol

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