DYB – Block 3

I have made some progress on my naked blocks – in particular Block 3 which is coming along very nicely.

Considering that I love the look of Edmar threads, and have quite a few (but never enough) in my collection, not to mention a book I purchased from ebay some time ago on Brazillian embroidery, I thought it high time I had a go at this form of embroidery.  In the end it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it might be, making sure my threads didn’t get twisted was about the hardest bit.

I have been working on the seams for a bit when the centre patch called for something a little different…..well ok a little different for me …and it seemed the ideal place for a textured bunch of flowers.

This is the end result of my first foray into Brazillian Embroidery and I’m very pleased with it.  The flowers are done in Frost 006 and the bullion stitch buds in Glory 018.  I used Iris 080 for the leaves and fly stitch  branches while the smaller and finer branches were sewn in a fine variagated cotton – the name of which I don’t know.  I used cream pearls for the flower centres.


13 thoughts on “DYB – Block 3

  1. Catherine….your work is stunning! I can;t believe how beautiful the bullion roses are….just perfect for the block. I love the seam treatments too…. will you give me a hint as to how you got those fargo roses looking so beautiful as well, mine are a mess!

  2. U have done a stunning first foray into the world of BDE girl u make my beginning stitches look pathetic U have a real flair for it keep on practising as this is how to improve these wonderful stitches and isnt it a fabulous thread to work with- I loves it
    loves n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

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