Train Crash

For those who have seen the news about the truck that crashed into a passenger train in the North West of the State and wondering if that is near me , it is.  The accident happened about half an hour from Swan Hill where the railway line crosses the highway.  You can read some details here.

 There is much speculation around town as to who was on the train and who has been injured, or worse still, lost their life, but until families and the authorities are ready to announce details – that is all it will remain.  From what has been said a great many people on the train were from Swan Hill as this is it’s departure point for Melbourne.

 Can I just say though – like so many other drivers I have driven across that railway crossing – which is marked with lights, but no boom gates – so many times I couldn’t count them.  The train track crosses the highway there at an odd angle – which can be quite deceptive at times as to how fast the train is travelling and a great many decide to ignore the lights and drive though working on the theory that they can beat the train, and in a lot of instances they do. 

I don’t know how or why the accident happened – it is something that the authorities mustwork out with their experts.  I do know that the truck driver and his family are in my prayers , as are the friends and family of the dead and injured and the living, as they will have a long and difficult road ahead in dealing with the whole situation. I must admit though – from now I on will be slowing to a crawl before I cross that particular peice of track and looking twice and even three times before venturing across it.

None of my family or friends were involved in the accident but I would ask that you keep the families of those involved, those who came to the aid of the injured, the police, fire and ambulance officers, doctors and nurses in your prayers.  There are several dead, a lot with serious injuries and many who will retain mental scars for quite some years to come.

 It’s unfortuante that incidents like this suddenly make us realise just how fragile and precious human life is.

Thank you.


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