Naked Blocks for a DYB

Along with my friends Sandie and Maureen, I am participating in a DYB (doing your block) swap and like Sandie, spent most of Saturday putting my blocks together.  I am used to making blocks with a particular idea in mind and it was hard at the beginning to make them knowing it wasn’t me working on them and therefore I had no control on how they will turn out.  With Sandie and Maureen’s beautiful work though I will have no problems falling in love with the finished blocks – they are both wonderfully creative with their needles and thread.

 Now, unlike the very orgainsed Sandie, I forgot to scan in the blocks I sent off to Sandie and Maureen, but here are the three I kept to work on myself.

 Block 1

Block One

Block 2

Block 2

Block 3

Block Three

You can see the blocks Sandie made here.  Sandie is going to make a quilt to hang in her bedroom and I confess I am leaning that way myself.  I want a quilt that is very textured – lots of beads, buttons, fancy stitches (the girls will probably throw something at me…vbg)…in short I want a quilt that says “touch me and see what I have to offer”.  I just hope I can do that kind of work on my own blocks.  I am aiming for soft greens, blues, yellows, apricots, rose pinks etc.  Not bright colours but not really washed out pastels either.


One thought on “Naked Blocks for a DYB

  1. goodness me noone had told you how pretty your 3 blocks are and they are they will be beautiful and cannot wait to see wot you 3 come up with on each others blocks over the coming months- please scan and show your blocks as you work on them Catherine please
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

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