Yesterday was wood collecting day and not a moment too soon it seems.  I kept putting wood on the fire last night thinking it was cold – and cold it was.  The first frost of the season arrived and made it’s presence known.  It was a huge frost by anyones standards – just a few small patches on the lawn this morning – but frost it was and a harbringer of things to come I feel.  It would seem that the structures Mum had spent so much time over are needed sooner than we thought.


 As always when we go wood collecting – Nicola climbs trees….


Elise and James build shelters out of dead wood – which James then sits inside to eat his lunch…..

Lunch is cooked on an open fire where the kettle is always hot…….


 Milly and Ajax race around like lunatics checking out all the smells, logs and how often they can fall into the creek….while Cleo does a sedate walk and sniff as befitting her age….

And we look over the creek onto the green, green grass that is now springing forth courtesy of the lovely rain we have had.


2 thoughts on “Frost

  1. Looks like a wonderful time collecting wood. The photo of Nicola is lovely perched up in the tree. I wish our weather was like yours, I’m still running around in t-shirts and sweating and wanting to put the air-conditioner on. The photos are lovely Catherine, enjoyed reading.

  2. …and up north it’s fractionally cooler than it was,but still tees and shorts weather.

    We actually had some rain last night………lyung in bed listening to rain gurgling down the downpipes was sheer bliss.Fingers crossed there’s more tonight.

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