Strange Stuctures

You always know when Winter is approaching in Calidore’s garden.  It suddenly sprouts strange stuctures courtesy of my Mum who tries to protect certain plants from the approaching frost.  Not that we have had any yet – but Mum is particularly well organised this year and most plants that are frost tender are well and truly protected.

 Don’t get me wrong – if Mum didn’t do this protection bit, no one would, and I really appreciate her efforts.  Each year I tell myself I must get organised and each year the frost suddenly hits and I realise I haven’t done anything to proctect those plants at all.

 I saw her walking past the window the other day carrying an old blue tarp, long wooden poles and an assorted bundle of bind a twine (which for those over seas is some sort of plastic “rope’ which the farmers use to hold hay bales together….incredibly useful it is very strong and has a myriad of uses).  Looking out the front window half a hour later – this structure had suddenly appeared in my front garden…..



I’m sure any visitors are wondering if the kis are playing cowboys and indians…grin.  This Jacarandah is only about two years old and is very frost tender when young.  Depending on how much growth it makes next  spring and summer – I am guessing it will be too big to be covered and will have to survive on it’s own.  I’m fairly sure that Ashley will object to being asked to build a shade/proctection structure for it….vbg.  By next winter I am sure it will be hardened off enough that it won’t need to the protection.

It seemed like a good idea to take some more photos of the garden while I was wandering around… here are so snap shots of the better parts of the garden…grin.  The relatively weed free areas…..

Aren’t the colours on this succulent stunning?  This is sitting on top of the airconditoner unit that services Jame’s bed room – right beside the front door.  I love the way the pebbles reflect the green in the leaves.

I was told this was a form of lavender – but I always treat it as a succulent.  It is very frost tender but does grow wonderfully from peices sat in a jar of water. 


My Manchurian Cherry Tree.  I think this might be as much Autumn colour as I am likely to get this year. 


3 thoughts on “Strange Stuctures

  1. I think the “lavendar” is Plectranthus (or similar), maybe Pelctranthus ecklonii. Dredged out of the deep recesses of my mind.

  2. And here I was thinking your Mum was building me a ‘home’ for when I come and stay…. lol – better than a bark humpy, it’s a tarp humpy!
    What a nice Mum to protect your plants Catherine, they must be special to her too. Your garden looks so beautiful and nice and green. I’d say this year with our temps taking so long to drop, we are in *fingers crossed, legs too and everything else* that we are in for a cold winter with oodles of frosts. Hope rain happens in there somewhere too … then again, I may be dreaming! 🙂 hugs

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