More Post Cards

I have discovered that the best way for me to acheive lots – especially when the children are home – is to turn my MP3 up loud, put in the ear plugs and stitch away – pretending I can’t hear or see them standing next to me…grin.

 It has turned cold again today so I have spent most of the day playing making more postcards from the silk paper gum leaves I made the other night.  No I haven’t had any more forays into the garden in the dark and cold – luckily I picked enough leaves the first time.


I used some iron on batting I had in the cupboard behind this one, but it went a little lumpy on me.  I thought the batting might make the machine embroidered stem stand out a bit more – but I’m not sure that it did.  I don’t think it’s an experiment that I will repeat.


I used more silk paper to create the flower buds and machine embroidered the “petals” or should it be “stamens” of the flowers in the new rayon embroidery thread I impulse bought today.  Honest it was an impulse – I only went to the store for some visoflex – and came out with far more than I thought – 12 different machine embroidery threads (all variegated), visoflex – 2 metres, and some water soluable stabaliser which I haven’t tried before.  I thought after that lot I had better get home before I broke the bank entirely…grin.  The flower buds are lightly stuffed with batting then lines are sewn from their base to the edge to give some dimension.  Another technique I haven’t tried before, but I enjoyed doing it.


According to my sewing machine the stitch I used around the edges  of the postcards is called “Shading Stitch”.  I quite like the effect and think it will be used again.


7 thoughts on “More Post Cards

  1. The silk paper makes beautiful leaves. These are wonderful cards and I’m glad I’m not the only person that can’t go to a fabric store and stay to my list!

  2. Gosh I love the overtones of the leaves – so much more lovelier than trying to attempt that with fabric and embroidery! Very Very nice!

    Rose Anne B

  3. Your leaves are lovely, (I love leaves, too). The silk paper appears to be a wonderful thing to work with, and the coloring is perfect. Love your mechine work.

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