Silk Paper

I spent a couple of hours playing in my laundry yesterday creating silk paper from those silk tops I showed you last post. What fun it was and so incredibly easy – far easier than I thought it might be….grin and the results were amazing.

Silk Paper - Drying in the laundry
Don’t mind the mess in my laundry – but this is the silk paper drying. This clothes horse just fits nicely over my sink – so handy when I have things that need to drip dry.

Silk Paper
Two of the sheets I made. I’m hoping the bottom sheet can be machine quilted into respresenting screnery of some sort. I can sort of see mountains and sky – but that might just be me. The top piece I added red silk threads and some gold sparkly threads. The silk threads worked fine and “glued” themselves down nicely, I wish I could say the same for the gold threads. Like the peice below they will have to be sewn down.

Silk Paper with Fancy Wool
This peice I tried adding fancy wool – but it hsn’t stuck down properly. I think I need to machine embroider it then it will be alright to use.


One thought on “Silk Paper

  1. Oh I like what you have done with the silk fibers, I never knew about silk paper until I read about it here. I look forward to what you create with these.

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