Silk Tops

I received the silk tops I bought from ebay in the mail last week and what a beautiful package it was…grin. They are so soft and luxurious and the colours divine – the photo really doesn’t do them justice.

Silk Tops and Textile Medium - ready to make Silk Paper

I also purchased a small bottle of textile medium (when Mum ordered some folk art paints) so now I’m all set to have a go at making silk paper.

Close up of Silk Tops

The silk feels sooooo nice to touch it is going to be hard to use it – but use it I will. The idea of silk paper intrigues me and I can see all sorts of uses for it – from postcards to using it in my crazy quilting.

There is a small tutorial on making silk paper here and another one, inluding some ideas on how to use the silk here.

Maria at Silk Paradise has been making silk paper for a while and using some in her up coming exhibition. Pop over and see what can be made with this versitile medium her efforts are just amazing.


4 thoughts on “Silk Tops

  1. yummy, look at them colours! Really looking forwards to seeing what you create Catherine and how it’s placed into CQ too. I had a mystery parcel arrive today – guess what was in it? Stuff for making silk paper from a friend of mine in QLD ….. so spoilt I am.

  2. These are beautiful, I am just amazed at all of the different fiber arts out there that I have no clue about. Thank you for sharing this, just one more think I want to try. LOL

  3. Hi Catherine,
    Your cards are gorgeous. But you knew that already, didn’t you? I bet you will find your purchases a real boost.
    I am very proud of having started you on to silk paper.
    Love, Maria

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