My Front Door

Sometimes – when I look at this photo – I wonder why we built the house the way we did with such a boring front door.

My front door

I guess in the end it isn’t the front door that matters, it’s the welcome you get when you go inside.

I have big plans for some paving extending out from the concrete, some nice plants in those big pots and more succulents potted up and in groups around the door.

The Succulents by the front door

These are the pots that the kids gave me for my birthday along with coloured glass pebbles to use as “mulch”.


2 thoughts on “My Front Door

  1. Your front door looks nice Catherine, love the planters the kids gave you for Christmas wasn’t it…
    What are you going to put in those really big planters?? They would look so nice with something growing over them and down the planters! Succulents are so nice, and when they flower they are so pretty.

  2. I hope you sealed that big pot C!
    (helps prevent plants from drying out)
    I’ve planted some of mine with zygocactus;Cooktown orchids;Dancing violets and a Philodendrum “something or other”
    Bought some nice broms and a furry Kalanchoe at Orchid show last Friday.
    BTW WHEN should I plant those poppy seeds?

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