Milly Turns One

Eeek couple of days late with this post, but I guess Milly won’t mind.

Her 1st birthday was on Friday 10 May and she celebrated in fine style. First she chewed the electric plug off Grandma’s chair. It is one of those chairs that rises up and down to make it easier for the elderly to get out of. Luckily the chair wasn’t plugged into the electricity.

Next she found one of James’ toys and totally destroyed that, then not content with such simple destruction she found a doll one of the girls made, ripped it’s hair off and had a wonderful time chewing on it’s face. Talk about Destructo Dog.

Still when she looks at me with those big brown eyes I can forgive her anything – well just about…grin.

These photos were taken about a week ago.

First she decided to pinch the peg bucket, race around with it until all the pegs fell out across the lawn then continue to run around with Elise in hot pursuit trying to get the bucket off her. Half an hour later Milly decided to givein and return the bucket – but only cause Elise was lying exhuasted on the lawn.

Milly and the Peg Bucket

Two days later, while I was gardening, Milly decided I had done enough work and decided to take my secutears and run around with them open in her mouth. Thank heavens it didn’t take half an hour to get them back off her – a dog biscuit works wonders….vbg.

Milly and my secutars


3 thoughts on “Milly Turns One

  1. Happy Birthday Milly!!! Catherine she is so adorable, the mischief written all over her face. The photos are priceless …. lol

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