No More Moderation

I had thought for a while I would try out comment moderation – well no more. It was driving me nuts. While it is lovely that people do comment, I want them to feel free to leave a comment, not be left wondering will she or won’t she publish my comment.

For those who are comfortable with it and don’t mind the extra work – go for it – but I’m afraid it’s not for me. I’ll take my chances with comments and delete any I don’t think are appropriate.

Thank you all for your support and lovely comments on this, my new blog. It’s nice to know so many have followed me over from Calidores Garden Ramblings. I am toying with the idea of deleting the Garden Ramblings blog as I am still having troubles getting into the dashboard. A decision will have to be made soon – but it’s one I’m putting off for a while.


Thank you for leaving a comment. I love to read your thoughts on my posts and I do try to respond, sometimes though life gets in the way.

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